Announcing the John Deere MachineFinder Ultimate Fan Photo Contest Winner

August 2, 2010

We’d like to thank you all so much for such a great turnout for the John Deere Ultimate Fan Photo Contest – a total of 805 of you went out to vote!

Without further ado, the winner with 345 votes (43% of the vote!) – Amanda Rae Sowa!

Amanda, step right up and claim your badge and bragging rights for the Ultimate John Deere Fan Photo Contest!

machine finder winner FINAL Get in Your Vote for the John Deere MachineFinder Ultimate Fan Photo Contest!

A big round of thanks to everyone that entered the contest and a special thank you to the finalists, and thanks again to all that voted to make this such a fun contest!

Did you enjoy the contest? Maybe you didn’t get your photo to us in time? We’ve been thinking about holding another contest. Please let us know what you think in the comments!