Old John Deere Plow Sign Sells for $6K

August 25, 2010

I’ve only seen it happen a couple times.

What’s that? An auction crowd breaking in spontaneous applause when the gavel falls after an item sells on an auction. It happened last Saturday (August 14, 2010) on a farm collector auction in the southeast Minnesota community of Le Roy. Sweeney Auction Service of Waukon, IA had the sale, which featured an extensive line of antique tractors and equipment. I was on hand shooting video of the auction for our “Machinery Pete” Youtube channel.

What item did the auction crowd clap for?

Sold for $6,000 on 8/14/10 auction in Le Roy, MN

The antique “John Deere Plows” sign. It was a large sign in fairly good condition considering its age. Before it sold I talked with a few interested bidders at the sale. $5,000 was the highest sale price estimate I heard. It wound up bringing more money.


Check out the video and you’ll get a sense of the excitement in the air as this old John Deere Plows sign sold. Jeff Sweeney the auctioneer can even be heard to make the comment during the bidding…”there are a lot of folks smiling out there, but Harlan (owner) is up here crying.” Strong emotions all the way around, excited potential buyers, an awestruck auction crowd, a sentimental and a bit sad seller. But Jeff was right, smiles ruled the day. Bottom line was folks recognized this large antique sign for what it was, a very cool link to our farming past.

What do I make of that sale price? Just tells me how VERY STRONG the attachment to the John Deere brand is. Enduring and powerful.

Small JD sign on left sold for $75

Sold for $3,000 on 8/14/10 auction in Le Roy, MN

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