Video: John Deere 2 Cyl. Tractors Sell At Illinois Auction

April 4, 2012


It was an emotional day for Russ Alexander.

The Hannibal, MO resident was selling his prize collection of John Deere 2 Cyl. antique tractors on Sullivan Auctioneers annual Spring Consignment sale March 20, 2012 in Hamilton, IL. Russ decided to sell his tractor collection to start a college fund for his grandkids. A couple of those grandkids were on hand on sale day walking the line of green tractors with grandpa.

Memories were at the surface for Russ on auction day. There was the time he and good buddy Troy Blackwell of Frankfort, MO drove to Mississippi to pick up the 1959 JD 330S tractor Russ had just purchased. Their trailer got a flat in Mississippi. On a 100+ degree day. Chalk it all up to good fun collecting the Deere tractors he loved.

There were also fond memories for Russ and brother Mark of their father William Alexander, a John Deere dealer from 1963-1973 at his dealership in Monroe City, MO.

Check out the accompanying Youtube video and you’ll see there was a huge crowd for Russ’s John Deere tractor collection at the sale March 20th on Sullivan Auctioneers lot in Hamilton, IL. A few sale price highlights:

* 1959 JD 330 S, restored: $22,500
* 1959 JD 830, restored: $16,500
* 1959 JD 630, factory WF, power steering, restored: $9,000
* 1960 JD 435, diesel, swept back front axle, restored: $11,000
* 1957 JD 820, diesel, power steering, restored: $12,750
* 1956 JD 320S, restored, with 1-row cultivator: $12,000
* 1955 JD 70, gas, restored, NF, power steering: $9,500

Check out the video to see these tractors and other models as they sold on the March 20, 2012 auction, plus insights from Russ on the history of the tractors.

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