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Going Behind the Scenes with John Deere Gold Key Tours

John Deere values its customers. It’s one of the many business traits that has landed Deere on several top brands lists and explains why more than three-quarters of Deere customers consider themselves “brand loyal.”

Intro image Going Behind the Scenes with John Deere Gold Key Tours

One way the company nurtures and expands this brand loyalty is through John Deere Gold Key Tours, which invite Deere customers to the factory where their machine was manufactured, offering guided tours and a one-of-a-kind look behind-the-scenes into the workmanship that’s put into every machine. The tours include a visit with factory workers, complimentary catered lunch or dinner, as well as an opportunity to start machines for the very first time when possible.

Three Record Auction Prices on JD 4650 Tractors in 2013

Statistically speaking, it’s quite amazing.

Over the past 18 years I’ve seen over 300 John Deere model 4650 tractors sold at auction. Deere made the 4650 model (165 HP) from 1983-1988, so they are now 25-30 years old. So what’s so amazing?

The (3) highest auction sale prices I’ve ever seen on 4650′s have all come this year. So, getting older, but the nice ones are worth more money than ever. Coming into this year the highest auction price I’d seen was $54,500…all the way back on a 3/27/97 auction in northwest Iowa for a then 10-year old 1987 model JD 4650 with only 1,621 hours. That 16 year old record price has been smashed (3) times already this year…the facts:

Green and Yellow Machines at Work: 6 John Deere Videos for Kids

Whether you’re a loyal John Deere customer and your kids are exposed to Deere equipment on a daily basis, or you’ve been out with the kids and have seen any of Deere’s products in action, you’ve probably been stopped by them thanks to their curiosity and desire to see more.

Use these 6 John Deere videos for kids to allow them to watch (and learn) how John Deere machines help farmers, ranchers, landowners, builders and loggers work the land—and get the job done. Enjoy!

Time to Harvest!

Combine Green and Yellow Machines at Work: 6 John Deere Videos for Kids

Crossing Over: A Complete look at John Deere Crossover Utility Vehicles

For those that do hard work that requires breaking a sweat, John Deere Gator crossover utility vehicles are designed specifically to work as tough and play as hard as its operator. Over terrain rough or smooth, Gator XUVs are prepared to take drivers anywhere they need to go, conquering obstacles with ease.

XUV Series Crossing Over: A Complete look at John Deere Crossover Utility Vehicles

Let’s take a look at the complete line of John Deere crossover utility vehicles, and some features of each that make them unique models for different situations.

XUV 625i

XUV 625i Crossing Over: A Complete look at John Deere Crossover Utility Vehicles

Pair of 1972 JD 4320 Tractors Set Records

 Pair of 1972 JD 4320 Tractors Set Records

November 2, 2013 was a record-setting day for auction sale prices on tractors, in particular, John Deere 4320 tractors.

The 1972 JD 4320 pictured above (restored, diesel, canopy, 7,000 hours) sold for $31,250 on a farm retirement auction by Hoge Auctioneering in Springville, IA. This sale feature a TON of late-model farm equipment, which all sold on the high side by the way, yet auctioneer Andy Hoge told the one item he fielded the most the calls on leading up to auction day?

Yep, this beautiful 1972 JD 4320.

3 Deere Tractors Sell High on Saskatchewan Auction

The trifecta.That was my thought when I saw pictures of the (3) beautiful John Deere tractors sold for very strong sale prices on an October 10, 2013 farm retirement auction in south-central Saskatchewan. Pictured above are the (2) following tractors and what they went for:

* 1982 JD 4440, 6,655 hours, sold: $33,000
* 1982 JD 8440, 4WD, 5,191 hours, sold: $31,000

JD4440 33K JD8440 31K SK 3 Deere Tractors Sell High on Saskatchewan Auction

The JD 4440 (left) and 8440 tractors seen above sold very well on an October 10, 2013 farm retirement auction in south-central Saskatchewan, Canada.

Utility in Action: 5 Exciting John Deere Gator Videos

When most people think about utility vehicles, the words “slow,” “farming,” and “work” are often the first words used in association. While these vehicles are great for work and farming purposes, they offer much more to operators. John Deere’s YouTube page features several exciting John Deere Gator videos; we’ve gone through and selected 5 of our favorites.

Rather than simply reading product descriptions about Gators, check out this collection of videos which give a motion picture look inside the world of John Deere’s utility vehicles.

Teaching the Little Ones Farming Basics with John Deere Coloring Pages

It’s no secret that the world’s population is continuously growing. In fact, statistics indicate the world’s population is growing at a rate of 1.14% every year , meaning by 2067, there could  be 13 billion mouths to feed. What  does this all  mean for farmers and crop producers? It means there’s no better time than now to prepare our youth to become the best farmers and crop producers possible, so they can make a strong living and follow their parents’ and grandparents’ efforts in feeding the continuously growing population.

The People’s Choice: 10 of the Most Popular John Deere Photos

As the fall harvest is in full swing and agricultural producers are spending long hours in the field using their John Deere equipment to get the job done, we wanted to offer a chance for our readers to step back and re-visit some of the most popular John Deere photos we have shared on the MachineFinder Facebook page.

After going back in time, we have assembled a “top 10″ list of the most memorable and well “liked” Facebook posts in our page’s history. So, without further delay, we are proud to share our most popular photos as dictated by our Facebook fans. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Looking for Dad’s Tractor

JD4620 Facebook BenDonovan dads4620 tryfind Looking for Dads Tractor

Ben Donovan, of Illinois, reached out to Machinery Pete for help in finding a special tractor

“Pete, can you help?”

I got quite an interesting message from a follower of our Machinery Pete Facebook page recently. Ben Donovan, from central Illinois, reached out wondering if I could possibly help him find the 1971 JD 4620 tractor his grandfather Jim Donovan of Heyworth, IL bought new from Arends John Deere dealership in Melvin, IL 42 years ago (see picture above). Here was Ben’s note to me:

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