Priming the Playing Field with John Deere Sports Turf Equipment

October 22, 2014

While parks, ball fields, and golf courses all play host to various sporting events, one thing remains constant: the importance of well-maintained turf. Sure, proper procedures can be put in place to make sure the turf is greener on the playing side of the fence, but the equipment used to do so is arguably the most important player.

John Deere Sports Turf Equipment

Let’s take a look at some John Deere sports turf equipment that helps grounds crews make their piece of property the talk of the town when it comes time to host the big event. Enjoy!

Commercial Rotary Mowers

Twitter Gallery: Harvest Season Photos from John Deere Fans

October 20, 2014

There has been a lot of talk on Twitter this harvest season including the good, bad and the ugly involved in annual harvesting. All we have to say is, welcome to the life of a farmer! This year we would like to take you on the journey with us, looking back at some of our loyal John Deere fans’ most memorable moments.

Bracing for the Elements with 10 Must-Have John Deere Winter Items

October 14, 2014

While we may still be celebrating the fall season, some areas of the country are preparing for the cold and harsh winter weather. To make the season more enjoyable this year, we have put together a list of John Deere winter apparel for fans to keep warm and stay stylish.

This list includes everything a John Deere fan needs to stay warm in the winter, including sweatshirts, hats, scarves, and even blankets! Let’s take a look.

John Deere Winter

Men’s Camouflage Winter Trapper Hat

Video Gallery: Managing Ag Data with the MyJohnDeere Operations Center

October 9, 2014

Technology and mobile devices have seen their role in agriculture steadily rise in recent years. Farmers that leverage a combination of these things often times witness an uptick in production at the hands of lowered operational costs and increased uptime.

MyJohnDeere Operations Center

Combining technology with mobile devices, the MyJohnDeere Operations Center serves as a set of tools to improve machine uptime, logistics management, and agronomic analysis for producers of crops on varying sizes of land. With this solution, the customer is in control of the data and can share with dealers, crop consultants, and anyone in their network of trusted advisors securely from connected devices. The following five videos provide a closer look at this technology, enjoy!

Image Gallery: Sizing Up the 2015 Lineup of New John Deere Products

October 2, 2014

As we highlighted in a previous post, John Deere has recently rolled out its annual new product lineup, featuring a plethora of new equipment and updates to its tractors, hay products, and much more. These new John Deere products have been designed with more power and overall efficiency in mind in order to allow today’s producers to conquer growing demands and crop output with less manpower, in less time.

John Deere CPO Combine

For those of our readers that would prefer to see the 2015 products in a visual fashion, we’ve put together this photo gallery, which showcases all of Deere’s new products and offerings. Enjoy!

Image Gallery: 25 Head-Turning John Deere Machines at Work

September 18, 2014

When thinking about John Deere, most people’s minds go directly to the corn fields, with an iconic green and yellow machine plowing its way through the maize. In reality, Deere offers products across a wide range of industries including forestry, construction, residential, and much more.

Wheeled Forestry Harvester

Forestry equipment is often shielded by thick, tree-lined landscapes, construction equipment is likely hard to get up-close and personal with for safety reasons, and agricultural equipment is likely only seen where there are fields to roam. As a result, when some of these John Deere machines are in the public eye, they have a tendency to turn heads.

10 Memorable Farming Quotes from Famous Figures

September 16, 2014

Agricultural production has been a staple of the United States from the beginning. Year-round, American farmers leverage all the land has to offer in an effort to provide necessities for the world’s ever-expanding population. Over time, there have been a number of memorable quotes from historical figures that put it all into perspective for those that don’t make a living on the farm.

Farming Quotes

To honor our American farmers and share some of these famous farming quotes as we head into peak harvest season, we’ve put together a list of ten of our favorites. Enjoy, and feel free to share with friends!

Video Gallery: Operating Deere’s C690 Cotton Harvester CommandCenters

September 11, 2014

The earliest pieces of cotton harvesting equipment only had the ability to harvest one row of cotton at a time. While this may not seem like much today, it was a modern marvel for its time, replacing the need for hand laborers and expediting the cotton production process substantially.  Fast-forwarding to today, cotton growers have numerous options when it comes time to harvest, often times using equipment that has the ability to harvest multiple rows of cotton plants at once.

John Deere CP690

Reminiscing on the Past with John Deere Riding Mower History: 2000s

September 9, 2014

A week ago, we continued our trip through John Deere’s riding mower history, as we showcased some innovation of the 1990s, a decade that included a number of new models that were recognized for their versatility and overall performance.

John Deere Riding Mower History

This week, we will wrap up our series and look at John Deere riding mower history 2000s-style. While Deere made a number upgrades to existing models in the 2000s, offering more power and additional size, we want to focus on two of the biggest product announcements made that decade. Enjoy!

Video Gallery: Six John Deere Combine Videos for Effective Operation

September 4, 2014

With harvesting season upon us, it’s time to begin thinking about strategies to get the most out of this year’s crop. As pieces of harvesting equipment increasingly grow in size and sophistication, it’s more important than ever before that operators fully understand their machine’s capabilities.

John Deere S Series Combine

John Deere’s top-of-the-line S-Series combine includes numerous features that can be a major asset for crop producers during harvesting season when leveraged effectively. In this post, we’ve put together six John Deere combine videos specific to the S-Series combine, which offer tips and how to’s for those lucky enough to operate the equipment during the harvest season. Enjoy, and happy harvesting!