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Tractors Of The Past: John Deere 5010

John Deere 5010 .uk  Tractors Of The Past: John Deere 5010


Life in the 1930s was a time when row crop tractors were prevalent in the farming industry, as these models were capable of cultivating row crops and featured one front wheel or two closely-spaced front wheels that traveled between two rows, according to Ag Web.

The industry saw several changes occur in the coming years, but the issue of power was always prominent. Many of the machines featured wide rear fenders, panels around the front of the operator’s platform and treads to help harness the power of the machine.

John Deere: Running for 175 Years


johndeere John Deere: Running for 175 Years

John Deere Company History

John Deere company history began in 1837 when a blacksmith named John Deere set out to create a company built on integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. The core values he inset drove John Deere & Company to become more than just a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, but an industry icon that is known around the world. His core values continue in the company today, determining everything from the quality and work, to the treatment of the customers.

1937 Deere Tractor for Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars, The History Channel’s most popular show and one of the highest rated shows on television today has seen its fair share of odd, old and interesting objects. Owned by Rick Harrison and opened by his Father “Old Man” in the late 80s, the two have a successful business with help from Corey Harrison, Rick’s son, and his friend Chumlee. From a shrunken Amazonian head (which turned out to be a fake), a lottery ticket signed by George Washington himself and Russian missile launch keys, it’s no wonder that everyone can find something they like about Pawn Stars. And John Deere is no exception.

John Deere at Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington County, Virginia. Once a large plantation, these noble grounds are now the final resting place to over 300,000 American heroes. Veterans and soldiers from every of our nation’s wars, from the Civil War to the military movements in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Arlington National Cemetery 20080428100933 John Deere at Arlington National Cemeterycredit

Before it became Arlington National Cemetery, It was a plot of land granted to George Washington Parke Custis, the adopted grandson of Martha Washington, in 1803. He immediately began construction on Arlington House, which was to be a memorial for our nation’s first president, and is still on the grounds today. The estate was passed on to Mary Anna Custis, the only surviving adult child of Custis and his wife, who later became married to the West Point graduate and United States Army officer, Robert E. Lee.

Interview: 95-Year Old Man is Link to John Deere’s Past

Did you know JFK played a part in the development of the Deere 10 Series tractor line in the early 1960′s?

Take a Trip to the John Deere Pavilion

John Deere Pavilion

John Deere Pavilion

The John Deere Pavilion was created to commemorate the past, present, and future of agribusiness.  This interactive pavilion includes actual John Deere equipment, creating a unique, hands-on and climb-on experience for visitors from all over the world.  Located in Moline, Illinois, the pavilion is right near John Deere Worldwide headquarters – another must see for the avid John Deere fan.

The John Deere Tractor: A Chronological History [Infographic]

John Deere Infographic thumb The John Deere Tractor: A Chronological History [Infographic]The Year was 1837.  It came to John Deere’s attention that the farmers of the area were having some major problems with their old cast-iron plows in the thick, rich soil of the Midwest.  John made his first self-cleaning plow out of steel from an old saw.  It worked like a charm and John Deere, being the innovator that he was, did something quite unusual at that time.  John started making his new plows before he ever got any requests for them.  This was unusual in that blacksmiths made items only on demand for their customers.

Back in Time 1972: New John Deere 4230 Tractors

JD4230 3 1024x687 Back in Time 1972: New John Deere 4230 Tractors
New JD 4230 tractor unveiled at Colgan Co. John Deere in Wyoming, IL on Saturday, August 19, 1972 JD4230 1 1024x684 Back in Time 1972: New John Deere 4230 Tractors
August 1972: new JD 4230 tractor about to be unveiled at Colgan Co., a Deere dealership in Wyoming, IL

What were you doing back in mid August 1972?

I was only six years old and doubt I was paying much attention to the Nixon vs. McGovern presidential race that summer. More probably I was out in the driveway dribbing a ball pretending I was Walt Frazier or Earl Monroe. That’s just a guess on my part. My memory isn’t quite that good. But I can tell you without a doubt, what was going on in front showrooms of John Deere dealerships around the country.

7 Vintage John Deere Posters and Signs

There is something about looking back at the classics that really draws you in. Some classic posters and metal signs depicting all the great years of John Deere’s past show us a window into simpler times. Stop for a moment and view some of the power that a simple sign shows for us John Deere fans:


The Art of John Deere

It’s easy to appreciate the quality of a John Deere tractor.  A tractor’s usefulness benefits everyone from the farms that earns a living to the people that consume the food down the line. What you might not think of is the side in which farming and tractors as well as the people that bring them to life consider the process an art.

You may have seen some recent press in the Des Moines Register about The Figge Art Museum in Davenport, across the river from Deere HQ in Moline, Illinois that they have opened a permanent gallery to display the best of John Deere corporate art on a rotating basis.

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