A Motion Picture Look at 5 New 2014 John Deere Products

June 12, 2014

Innovation is a critical component of the agricultural industry as crop demands from a growing population have paired with less resources, and in some cases, less time, to create a real challenge for farmers all over the world. In order to leap over these hurdles, companies like John Deere need to stay ahead of the curve, providing farmers and producers with agricultural equipment that will meet their needs.

Deere has announced a significant number of product updates and introductions in recent memory, so, we’ve highlighted five 2014 John Deere products that we believe have an impact within the agricultural industry. Take a look at these videos and feel free to let us know your thoughts or other pieces of valuable new equipment we may have left out!

2015 John Deere CS690 Cotton Stripper

As the fall weather tends to deteriorate quickly, the CS690 Cotton Stripper is designed to protect lint quality, allowing growers to harvest faster, with less labor and costs. This stripper allows what is usually a nine or ten person operation to be reduced down to one. Some of the notable features that make this possible include a 500hp engine, 1,000 pounds-per-minute rated throughput of seed cotton, pro-drive transmission, full-time four wheel drive and an updated smart cab.

John Deere ExactEmerge Virtual Tour

Upon its release, the ExactEmerge planter was dubbed as a “true game changer,” as it is designed to provide planters with an opportunity to plant at speeds up to 10 mph, nearly doubling traditional seed tube “speed limits.” The seed delivery system brings seed from the meter down to the seed trench, maintaining optimal seed spacing in varying field conditions. The rigid bowl-shaped meter and brush-style is designed to provide a smooth seed transition from the belt to the seed tube.

John Deere: W235 Windrowers Video

The W235 Self- propelled Windrowers help customers cut faster while maintaining crop quality thanks to its various features. Their Integrated AutoTrac system helps deliver faster cutting speeds while maintaining crop quality. The W235 Windrowers are JDLink enabled, allowing operators to stay connected to their dealers to ensure up-time.

R4038/R4030 Sprayer Overview

With a 120-foot flat-fold boom, R4030/4038 operators can cover more of their fields with fewer passes. The swing link suspension gives stability to the boom while keeping the entire unit a consistent height above crops, leaving no areas untreated. Field speeds up to 25 mph and road speeds up to 35 mph help get the job done in a timely manner, leaving more time for other time-demanding tasks.

36-Inch Tracks

John Deere’s optional 36-inch tracks increase flotation, reduce soil compaction, and extend the harvest window in changing ground conditions. The tracks are available on the S670, S680, and S690 combines with Pro-Drive transmission. While making tighter turns in the field, these new tracks will reduce soil berms, leaving fields largely undamaged.

These pieces of equipment are just a few that have been recently introduced to improve farmers’ and producers’ working lives. Hopefully these videos provided an inside look at what makes each worthy of a mention in this list.  If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Google+