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At John Deere we’re always looking to hear from customers about what they think of our equipment; which is why we are proud to share a roundup of the best tests and testimonials as featured here on the John Deere Emissions Hub. From independent tests done at the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory, to original equipment manufacturers letting us know what they like most about Deere’s approach to Interim Tier 4, Deere is grateful for all of the great insights.

Nebraska Tractor Test: 8335R Tractor
Earlier in 2011, the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory tested our 8335R tractor and the results were impressive. The 8335R is equipped with the PowerTech PSX 9.0L engine and features cooled EGR for NOx reduction and an exhaust filter for PM reduction; the same engine that powers the John Deere IT4 744K wheel loader. Despite doubts that emissions reductions and fuel efficiency can go hand-in-hand, the 8335R results were exceptional.

In addition to the impressive total fluid economy and decreased emissions, the 8335R is the first row-crop tractor ever tested at Nebraska that breaks the 300-rated PTO horsepower barrier, delivering a record 306.6 PTO hp in the rated-engine-speed PTO test. This record-breaking power was achieved while maintaining industry-leading fluid efficiency with 15.45 hp hrs/gal delivered in the drawbar test at 75 percent of pull at max power; proof that efficiency and power do not have to be mutually exclusive.

John Deere Test: 850K Crawler Dozer
After being put to the test in Nebraska, our PowerTech PSX 9.0L engine was put through our own—equally grueling—testing at Deere.  These tests pitted the 850K Dozer vs. a competitive model. In the 850K tests, fuel consumption increased by 1.5 gallons per hour during automatic filter cleaning, but that was still 4% better than the competitive dozer. At normal idle, the 850K’s fuel consumption was 21% better than the competitive dozer. When filter cleaning in an idle state, the fuel efficiency advantage jumped to 33%.

The strong performance from the 850K underlines the fact that John Deere’s cooled EGR and exhaust filter solution for Interim Tier 4 is the right choice, right now.

Powered By John Deere: Vermeer Corporation’s D24x40
Last March, equipment powered by John Deere engines was on display at more than 20 booths throughout CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011. The Vermeer Corporation’s D24x40 Series II horizontal directional drill was just one of these featured applications. Jason Zylstra, Marketing Manager at Vermeer tells how John Deere Power Systems helps Vermeer meet the needs of customers. The Vermeer D24x40 is a drilling solution that allows utilities to lay wires, fiber optic lines and pipes with optimum performance.

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