2007 JD 7520 Tractor Sells for More Money on Ohio Auction Than Owner Paid for it 5 Years Ago

June 19, 2012

This 2007 John Deere 7520 tractor with 451 hours sold for $90,000 on a June 16, 2012 farm retirement auction in southwest Ohio. Owner Barney Yeager paid $86,000 for this tractor brand new 5 years ago.

You know its going to be a “hot” auction when 2 bidders show up at the sale via helicopter.

The farm retirement auction I’m talking about was a June 16, 2012 sale near Hillsboro, OH in the southwest corner of the Buckeye state. A very nice line of equipment on this retirement auction, but (2) items in particular really drew bidder attention:

* 2007 JD 7520 MFWD tractor with only 451 hours
* 2011 JD 1780 6/11 split-row planter

The 2007 JD 7520 tractor sold for $90,000, a new record sale price for any JD 7520 I’ve seen sold at auction without a loader. Owner Barney Yeager paid $86,000 for this tractor new 5 years ago in 2007.

So how did the JD 1780 planter sell? Well, Barney paid $41,800 for it brand new last year. It sold for $41,000 on the auction June 16th.

Folks, that’s pretty amazing stuff, to see a 1-year old planter sell at auction at that close to the new retail price. Another sure sign of how extremely “hot” the market has been for really good used 6-row planters since August 2011.

And $90K for the 5-year old JD 7520 tractor? If you’ve been following by breadcrumb trail of blog posts and columns you know what I’ve been saying about the used Tractor market for quite a while now…..”ON FIRE“.

Not even helicoptor blades could put out the fire. Looks like they only fanned the flames.