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Pulling up the Curtain on the New Line of 2015 John Deere Products

August 27, 2014

Once a year, John Deere customers and enthusiasts are treated to a rush of new products and upgrades that make them feel like children during the holiday season. Deere recently introduced a slew of new products at a two week dealer event being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which featured a range of new products from powerful tractor models to data management solutions, and a little bit of everything in between.

9RT Tractor

Let’s look at these new pieces of 2015 John Deere equipment and products and learn what kids of value each has to offer to Deere fans.

John Deere Certified Pre-Owned

As Good as New: Everything You Need to Know about John Deere CPO

August 7, 2014

High farm incomes in recent years led many United States farmers towards purchasing an abundance of new equipment. As a result, dealers have been left with high inventory levels of used farm equipment because purchases of new large machines often times involve a trade-in of older models.

John Deere CPO

Much like buying a used car, purchasing used agriculture equipment can require an abundance of research and examination prior to the acquisition. John Deere has recognized the increasing number of used machines on dealers’ lots and has put a Certified Pre-Owned Equipment program in place to provide customers with peace of mind and understanding of what they’re getting out of their purchase when they sign on the dotted line. Let’s take a look at the new CPO program at a glance as well as some of the features that make it one-of-a-kind in the used equipment market.

John Deere 644K: Deere’s First Hybrid Construction Machine

February 28, 2013

With so many hybrid vehicles on the market these days, John Deere has followed suit with the release of its 644K Powerllel™ diesel-electric hybrid front loader. This new wheel loader brings together the functionality and quality of any Deere machine with exciting new capabilities that only hybrid technology can offer.

John Deere 644k on the job site.

One of the most impressive offerings of the John Deere 644K is a reduction in the amount of fuel that’s consumed in comparison to other machines of its size. The John Deere 644K hybrid can save you up to 25% on the amount fuel you use, a particularly valuable asset in the face of rising fuel costs.

John Deere Agriculture Continues to Grow

February 11, 2013

According to the John Deere Company annual financial report, the retail and industry value of John Deere agriculture equipment saw continued increases in 2012. John Deere new and used farm equipment that saw the strongest growth rate in value and sales included utility tractors, row-crop tractors, 4WD tractors, and combines.

New Utility Tractors: John Deere’s utility tractors are a tried and true agriculture favorite because of their ability to complete virtually any job. This year, Deere is releasing the 5E series utility tractors that are “reimagined, redesigned, and reborn…to work.”

New JD utilitu tractor

John Deere Biography: A Story Behind the Inventor

November 14, 2012

History of John Deere the inventor

Over the years, “John Deere” has become a household name for most Americans. Whether it’s written across a hat or on a lawn mower, tractor, or children’s toy, we all recognize that familiar green and yellow. The history of John Deere has had a big impact on the world’s approach to plowing, harvesting, mowing, lumbering, and simple gardening. Though some of us may boast an expert recognition and knowledge of the John Deere products and brand, what do we really know about the John Deere inventor himself?

John Deere Historic Site Brings Art Festival to Illinois Public

October 24, 2012

John Deere historic site

The John Deere Historic Site in Grand Detour, Illinois is a reminder of how the business continues to explore ways of bringing quality to the lives of people in the U.S.

Since the company is celebrating its 175th anniversary throughout the year, there have been a number of events that are being held in order to raise interest in the history of John Deere and its place in American culture.

The John Deere Historic Site in Grand Detour, Illinois, has been a place that is buzzing this year, as it has held various events throughout 2012, ranging from blacksmith gatherings to art shows.

$97 Million Expansion Announced By John Deere-Hitachi Construction

October 11, 2012

John Deere Hitachi

John Deere Hitachi

John Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corporation, a 50/50 joint venture between John Deere and Japan’s Hitachi Construction Machinery that operates in the U.S., recently announced it is planning a $97 million expansion at the Forsyth County plant in Kernersville, North Carolina.

According to Area Development, the new project is expected to create 340 jobs by the end of 2016.

“This investment will have a significant positive impact on the State of North Carolina, providing additional employment opportunities for Deere-Hitachi as well as many of our North Carolina-based suppliers,” noted, Al Seeba, Chairman and CEO of Deere-Hitachi. “John Deere-Hitachi has been manufacturing in the state since 1988, and we are pleased to partner with state and local officials to help make our vision a reality.”

Why The John Deere 5E Series Tractors Can Fit Any Farmers Needs

October 3, 2012

John Deere 5 Series

John Deere has made substantial improvements to its 5 Series Utility Tractor for the upcoming 2013 fleet, giving the machines more available options than ever, including varying horsepower, cab types and transmissions.

Deere brought together four new 45-to-75 horsepower 5E models with last year’s 5ELimited Tractors, creating even more options for utility tractors that are priced accordingly to attract a wide range of customers. Now, the 5E family has been extended to include the 5045E, 5055E, 5065E, 5075E, 5083E, 5093E and 5101E Tractors. For each model, the last three digits indicate the tractor’s horsepower.

Other options include new cabs for  5055E, 5065E and 5075E models, enhanced operator stations for the 5083, 5093 and 5101 models and a 12F/12R PowrReverser Transmission for models with horsepower ranging between 55 and 101.

John Deere Careers Create Lasting Relationships Among Employees

October 2, 2012

 John Deere Construction Sign

Although many people in the U.S. are loyal to their company and their coworkers, there is often a distance that these individuals keep from the place that they work.

This could be caused by a lack of passion in what they do, as many people put in the 9-to-5 and then forget about their jobs. However, there are a number of Americans who love the brand that their work represents, and this type of pride tends to lead to an increased level of productivity, loyalty and retention.

Innovations In Agriculture: How John Deere Stays A Step Ahead

October 1, 2012

Country Farm - innovations in agriculture

Innovations in Agriculture

The agriculture industry has benefited from the advances made by the John Deere company since its inception roughly 175 years ago, as the products released by the firm have helped ease operations for farmers and have allowed these individuals to improve the efficiency of their farms.

The company has announced some of its new innovations in agriculture for 2013, and many of these offerings will allow farmers to see immediate benefits and increased production due to the nature of the problems that the equipment fixes.