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MachineFinder Responds to Customer Feedback

February 23, 2009

Well, we just passed the 6 week mark for the launch of the new website! After a year in development, it’s been nice to sit back and watch our customers interact with our new site. While the vast majority of the feedback we’ve gotten has been positive, we have certainly heard from customers with great ideas and suggestions for our site.

Well, in just a few weeks time, we’ve listened to your feedback and have implemented a few changes already!

Improved Pagination

Using the New MachineFinder “Map View” for Finding Equipment

February 10, 2009

The previous version of MachineFinder allowed only one way to view listings. That was basically a spreadsheet view. Now, we have three different views: Standard, Gallery, and Map view.

The map view has some very cool features integrated into it!

First, we plot the first 250 machines matching your search on the map. More than 250 pinpoints on the map clutter things up too much, so we limit things to 250 for that view only. This lets you look at where 250 machines are across the country all at once. Other views and sites limit you to 10, 25, 50, etc. This lets you plot the whole set right away.

Early MachineFinder Customer Feedback

January 25, 2009

We want to take a moment and give a warm, special thanks to all the customers who have written in during our first two weeks with the new site operational. Customer feedback is essential to our bringing you the best possible website.

First we should address our website’s performance during the early going. When we launched last week, you might have noticed the site was dragging at times, and fast the next. We have resolved most of these issues and we apologize for any problems you may have had during that time. We are still experiencing some rare slowdowns, but for the most part the site is good and we’re still working to optimize the site for best possible speed.

The New MachineFinder Blog Is Born: Construction, Farming, Recreation

January 11, 2009

Today John Deere and MachineFinder are proud to announce that we are jumping into the blogging world by launching our own called “See What’s New in Used”.

We are new to the blogging world, but we are excited to join the blogging community for you, our customers. We will be posting blog entries here in the coming months covering a variety of subjects such as MachineFinder tips and tricks, news and observations concerning used heavy equipment & farm equipment, and anything else we can think to write about.