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Entertaining Farmers of the Future with John Deere Combine Toys

April 21, 2014

Combines are some of the largest, most fascinating pieces of agricultural equipment that can be found on the field or farm, easily causing kids’ eyes to grow larger and jaws to drop at the sight of their wheels turning. While it’s wise for children to stay away from these large pieces of equipment, it’s still possible for them to get up close and personal with combines in their everyday lives thanks to a variety of John Deere combine toys.

We’ve highlighted some specific toys that the little ones can get their hands on daily to learn more about how combines work in a fun manner. Enjoy!

Three John Deere Cab Parts to add to your 2013 Holiday Wish List

December 9, 2013

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about ways to say thank you to those that produce crops while giving a gift that will surely make their holiday one to remember. The harvesting season is made up of a number of long days out on the field and inside the combine, which is why, in this post, we’ve highlighted three John Deere cab parts that harvesters need to add to their wish list this year, making their job easier and more productive.

Camera Observation System for S Series Combines

A Brief Look at John Deere Combine History: 86 Years of Evolution

October 2, 2013

Since the moment John Deere’s first polished-steel plow creation in 1837 turned into John Deere the manufacturing company just a year later, the company has been developing agricultural equipment to simplify the crop production process for America’s farmers.

John Deere combines have been an instrumental vehicle in assisting this process for 86 years, giving farmers top of the line generational technology to thresh and harvest their crops, maximizing production. Let’s take a look back in time and visit some of the most memorable moments in John Deere combine history.

John Deere first combine

Accelerating the Fall Harvest with John Deere Machine Sync

September 30, 2013

With the end of the fall harvest in sight, it’s important for crop harvesters to have the right equipment and technology in place to finish the job strong and get the maximum return on their months of hard work. John Deere Machine Sync can expedite the harvesting process for those looking to make up for lost time or assist those hoping to wrap up their harvest ahead of schedule.

In this post, we will take a look at the specifications of Machine Sync and highlight reasons why so many John Deere customers are turning towards it to help streamline their harvesting processes.

John Deere T-Series: the Ultimate Walker Combines [Image Gallery]

June 6, 2013

As the winter wheat harvest takes shape across different parts of the country, farmers are hard at work in the field. There are many ways to improve efficiency and productivity during the harvesting season, but, with the John Deere T-Series Combines, farmers can stay one step ahead of the curve.

JD’s T-Series, referred to as the “ultimate walker combines” by John Deere, offer optimized efficiency and high capacity to enable a smooth, direct crop flow that’s gentler on grains and straw. Here’s a closer look at how.

John Deere T-Series Combine

John Deere S-Series Combine Showcased For Project “Can Do”

December 7, 2011

John Deere S-Series combine from project "can do"

In the month of November John Deere set a world record by constructing the world’s largest harvesting combine from more than 300,000 cans of food.  Each year John Deere finds new ways to connect with its community, and in 2011 the John Deere Corporation decided to pay tribute to the farmers and agricultural customers of the world with this addition to the Guinness Book of World Records.

John Deere combine harvester made from can food

The world record setting can made S-series combine was constructed with over 300,000 cans of food at the John Deere Pavilion in Moline, Illinois.  Over 650 volunteers aided in the construction of “Project Can Do”, where thousands of cans of food were donated to the River Bend Food Bank.

John Deere’s Augmented Reality

November 29, 2011

A Closer Look

John Deere is implementing new technologies that help people shop for the machinery they need. With John Deere augmented reality, potential customers can take a new approach at inspecting new and used farm equipment for sale from the comfort of their own home.

Improving Your Equipment Search

Whether you are searching for a John Deere Combine, an R Series Tractor, or other farm tractors for sale, you can get a glimpse of the mechanical parts that makes our machines work effectively.

Used Equipment Spotlight: The John Deere Combine Harvester

September 13, 2011

John Deere Combine Harvesters

Year after year John Deere launches extraordinary combine harvesters that will make harvesting simpler and more accurate than ever. is the perfect place to find used John Deere combines that get the job done.

John Deere Combines deliver a perfect balance of power, stability, and consistency with every pass. With over 100 years of engineering, the John Deere Combines are the most powerful harvesting equipment on the market.

The JD combines are guaranteed to rise to any occasion. Whether you have simple harvesting tasks or a strenuous workload, these tough models can do more than just row your crop!