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15 Interesting John Deere Tractor Facts to Sharpen Your Knowledge

April 1, 2017

John Deere has been producing its iconic green and yellow tractors for nearly a century. During this time, the company has seen the success of its Waterloo Boy model evolve into a global production entity. Along the way, there have been a number of company milestones and exciting new innovations.

Waterloo Boy

While the long and rich history of Deere’s tractor production has yielded many interesting tidbits of information, we’ve taken some time to pick out 15 John Deere tractor facts that we thought would add to an enthusiast’s already expansive Deere knowledge bank. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share with your friends!

Immerse Yourself in the John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum

February 23, 2015

The John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum officially opened in Waterloo, Iowa on December 2, 2014, welcoming visitors to experience the deep-rooted history of tractor and engine design and manufacturing at John Deere.

John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum

Residing on the original site of the Waterloo Tractor Works, the museum showcases the rich history and evolution of the tractor business. The John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum celebrates 177 years of endurance, and acts as a tribute to both hardworking employees and loyal customers who have contributed to the company’s growth over the years.

Journeying Back more than 175 Years at the John Deere Historic Site

March 31, 2014

Today, John Deere has a worldwide presence, but it all started more than 175 years ago in Grand Detour, Illinois. John Deere set out from Rutland, Vermont in 1836, before opening a shop to repair and manufacture small tools, as well as a polished-steel plow that allowed farmers to cut through the sticky Midwest soil.

John Deere Historic Site

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Looking at the History of John Deere Leaders

March 10, 2014

From the moment John Deere and Company was founded in 1868 and John Deere himself said “I will never put my name on a product that doesn’t have in it the best that is in me,” the company has stuck to its core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation, led by just a handful of captains.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at a brief history of John Deere leaders, what eras they led, and some of the John Deere products that were born during their tenure.

John Deere
Founder and President

A Brief Look at John Deere Combine History: 86 Years of Evolution

October 2, 2013

Since the moment John Deere’s first polished-steel plow creation in 1837 turned into John Deere the manufacturing company just a year later, the company has been developing agricultural equipment to simplify the crop production process for America’s farmers.

John Deere combines have been an instrumental vehicle in assisting this process for 86 years, giving farmers top of the line generational technology to thresh and harvest their crops, maximizing production. Let’s take a look back in time and visit some of the most memorable moments in John Deere combine history.

John Deere first combine

175 Years in the Making: Monumental John Deere “Firsts”

November 20, 2012

John Deere Inventions

John Deere inventions have been serving the agricultural, forestry, and construction community for decades and the dedication to quality spans 175 years. John Deere was, and still is an inspiring pioneer in regards to the innovative design and production of tractor equipment, which can be seen through Deere’s introduction of new equipment, financial success, global expansion, and a guarantee of reliable machinery. The following images give a visual representation of the milestones the John Deere company has achieved in nearly two centuries of business.

1837 First Self-Scouring Plow: Deere designs a plow that can cut through the sticky Midwestern soil.

John Deere Biography: A Story Behind the Inventor

November 14, 2012

History of John Deere the inventor

Over the years, “John Deere” has become a household name for most Americans. Whether it’s written across a hat or on a lawn mower, tractor, or children’s toy, we all recognize that familiar green and yellow. The history of John Deere has had a big impact on the world’s approach to plowing, harvesting, mowing, lumbering, and simple gardening. Though some of us may boast an expert recognition and knowledge of the John Deere products and brand, what do we really know about the John Deere inventor himself?

Interview: 95-Year Old Man is Link to John Deere’s Past

October 6, 2010

Did you know JFK played a part in the development of the Deere 10 Series tractor line in the early 1960’s?

The John Deere Tractor: A Chronological History [Infographic]

August 11, 2010

The Year was 1837.  It came to John Deere’s attention that the farmers of the area were having some major problems with their old cast-iron plows in the thick, rich soil of the Midwest.  John made his first self-cleaning plow out of steel from an old saw.  It worked like a charm and John Deere, being the innovator that he was, did something quite unusual at that time.  John started making his new plows before he ever got any requests for them.  This was unusual in that blacksmiths made items only on demand for their customers.

The Life and Times of John Deere: A Tribute

February 26, 2010

Here at MachineFinder we are constantly thinking of all the dedicated fans, and generations of devoted owners of John Deere products.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget about where that greatness comes from.

The source of all this machine love would be John Deere himself, who just this month would have celebrated his 206th birthday!  We thought it would be fitting to give tribute to Mr. Deere’s history, and how he gave birth to some of the most dependable machines and tools to be found today.  Take a short little trip with us down memory lane; after all, it never hurts to hear the good old stories again now does it?