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Video Gallery: Six John Deere FarmSight Customer Success Stories

April 3, 2014

Data’s importance within businesses of all types has seemingly grown in importance over recent time, farming included. Crop producers and agribusiness managers are directing their attention to  data and analysis of that data to turn around maximum yields and productivity to meet the world’s growing demand for crops. John Deere FarmSight is one of many available tools to assist producers with collecting this data and turning it into elevated yields and profit by combining equipment, technology, and a close connection with John Deere dealers. Below, we’ve shared the stories of six John Deere customers that use John Deere FarmSight to enhance their crop producing processes and maximize time-efficiency, enjoy!

9 John Deere Crop Planting Offerings to spring to Success

March 19, 2014

Today’s producers face a number of crop planting challenges related to seed costs, maintaining consistent depth control, singulation or spacing, ground conditions, and monitoring and documentation. As we enter the peak stages of crop planting, John Deere offers a number of products that attempt to make these common hurdles easier to overcome.

John Deere Planting

Let’s take a look at nine offerings that aim to simplify the process for crop producers by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Row Command

Row Command