JD 4020 Tractor Sold for $50,000 at Auction

July 5, 2011

Wow, what an auction.

I’m talking about the June 18, 2011 estate sale in Steen, MN (southwest Minnesota) for Bill DeYager by Polk Auction Company. Bill was known as having one of the most extensive collections of Deere tractors. He sold his prize two cylinder Deere tractors at auction back in August 2009.

This June 18, 2011 auction featured Bill’s amazing line of “Next Generation” Deere tractors, so 10 and 20 Series models. Check out the YouTube video I made highlighting the tractors on this auction, including a 1971 JD 2520 “high crop” sold for $74,750 and also a new record high auction sale price of $50,000 on very rare JD 4020.

Pair of 1972 JD 6600 Combines with Low Hours

June 22, 2011

1972 JD 6600 combine with 413 hours still has original plastic still on the seat. This combine and adjacent serial number 1972 JD 6600 with 518 hours are up for sale on a June 29th online auction at Purple Wave.

One of the two 1972 JD 6600 combines with adjacent Serial Numbers and extremely low hours. Up for sale on June 29th online auction by Purple Wave


Make that double wow. Check out the pair of adjacent serial number 1972 JD 6600 combines up for sale on an online auction June 29th at Purple Wave:

Low Hour John Deere Tractors at Auction

June 6, 2011
JD 4040 tractor

This 1981 JD 4040 tractor with only 2,892 hours is up for sale on a July 13, 2011 farm auction in Starbuck, MN. Sale by Zielsdorf Auction & Real Estate Services.

They always catch my eye.

What? Really low hour used tractors on upcoming auctions, like this 1981 JD 4040 with only 2,892 hours, on a July 13, 2011 farm auction near Starbuck, MN (west-central MN). Seeing tractors like this always makes me head toward our “auction results” database at to look for other low hour tractors…how high did they sell?

JD Combine Sold for Record Price on NY Auction

May 9, 2011

This 1996 JD 9400 combine with 2,274 engine hours sold for a new record auction price of $81,000 on a 4/9/11 farm sale in west-central New York

Record auction prices continue to stream in from all over the country, including New York.

On an April 9, 2011 farm auction in west-central New York, a very nice 1996 JD 9400 4WD combine with 2,274 engine hours in “excellent” condition sold for $81,000. That’s with NO heads. $81,000 is the highest sale price I’ve ever seen on a JD 9400 combine.

John Deere 7410 Sets Record On Iowa Auction

April 11, 2011

This 2002 JD 7410 2WD tractor with 618 hours sold for a record price of $61,000 on a farm auction April 7, 2011 in Mt. Sterling, IA

“So Pete, have used tractor values been rising?”

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. My answer: yes, they have been rising and they are continuing to rise as we move into Spring 2011. Another eye opening example came on a nice farm auction Friday, April 7, 2011 in Mt. Sterling, IA (southeast IA). A beautiful 2002 John Deere 7410 2WD tractor with only 618 hours sold on this auction.

Last John Deere 4255 Tractor Ever Produced Sold For $72,000

April 4, 2011

John Deere produced the Model 4255 tractors for four years from 1989-1992.

The very last one they made, SN# RW4255PO11844, was up for sale last Saturday (March 26, 2011) at a consignment auction by Ray Dietz Auctioneering in Fredricksburg, IA. What made this tractor even more enticing was the fact it was a “one-owner” tractor with only 1,850 hours and in excellent condition, despite being 19 years old.

What did it sell for? A record high auction price of $72,000. The previous record price I had seen was $56,200 for a 1991 4255 (MFWD) with only 641 hours, sold at an auction in southwest New York back on February 3, 2006.

Golf Course to Farm Yard

March 28, 2011

John Deere 2355 tractor on a golf course

Call it a mid life career change (Vermont man buys 20-year old Deere tractor and converts to farm use)

Cool story behind this 1991 John Deere 2355 tractor. I got an email this week from a Vermont man, David Pidgeon, who bought this tractor on an auction in east-central Vermont back in August 2010. It had only 2,850 hours and and had been used on a local 4-hole golf course.

The tractor never sat outside a night in it’s life.

Spotlight: 97-Year Old John Deere Dealer

February 23, 2011

I have a new goal.

Used John Deere Combine Sells at Auction During Blizzard

December 16, 2010

John Deere 4440 Tractor Sells for $34,000 on Ohio Auction

November 17, 2010

Auctioneer Larry Wigton won the bet.

Days before his October 30, 2010 farm auction in central Ohio (Radnor, OH), Wigton was in the local cafe and visiting with the morning breakfast crowd. Talk turned to the very nice JD 4440 tractor with 3,301 hours for sale on Wigton’s October 30th sale.