U.S. Agricultural Success for 2011 Highlighted by National Ag Day

February 29, 2012

 John Deere National Agriculture Day

The U.S. agricultural industry has relied on innovation and hard-working American farmers to weather the worst of the recent financial crisis. Though many people in the country are at least several generations removed from the farming lifestyle, according to the Dairy Herd Network, they benefit from the success of the sector.

The news source reported that the current era of farming may be the “Golden Age of Agriculture.” Since National Agriculture Day was started 40 years ago, the industry has blossomed, due in part to increased support from the U.S. and technological innovation.

Daily Herd Network reported that it is important for Americans to realize that farming is an industry, and food production is a tech-based business in 2012. GPS and guidance tools help put the crop in the field and micro-controllers move food safely from the field to the American home.

National Agriculture Day is a day to celebrate the success of American agriculture, but also to invest in the future of the sector and the people who have used farm equipment to help feed the citizens of the U.S.

The purpose of the celebration is to educate consumers about the industry, along with creating goals for people involved in the industry. According to the news source, the agricultural sector has benefited from innovative ideas becoming norms, and farmers need to constantly upgrade their knowledge for this success to continue.

Despite the historic natural disasters that occurred in 2011, the agricultural industry posted a record-high number of exports last year, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture figures. Fannin County Farm Bureau reported that the $136.3 billion in exports was a result of persistence in the sector.

According to the news source, in 2011, agriculture exports in nearly every commodity category increased, including pork, dairy, cottons and grains. Beef exports from the U.S. reached an all-time high with $5.4 billion in sales.

“Last year, farmers and ranchers battled a ton of obstacles, especially here in Texas. Even with those challenges, American agriculture remains a bright spot in an otherwise bleak economy,” said Jerry Magness, president of Fannin County Farm Bureau.

John Deere reported significant sales of agricultural supplies, as farmers across the country bolstered their inventories of farm equipment in order to capitalize on rising commodity prices and rising food demands.

“Record agriculture exports reflect the confidence other countries have in our products and the strong demand for quality, American-grown food and fiber,” Magness said. “That’s something our farmers and ranchers—and all Americans—can be proud of.”


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