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Entertaining Farmers of the Future with John Deere Combine Toys

Combines are some of the largest, most fascinating pieces of agricultural equipment that can be found on the field or farm, easily causing kids’ eyes to grow larger and jaws to drop at the sight of their wheels turning. While it’s wise for children to stay away from these large pieces of equipment, it’s still possible for them to get up close and personal with combines in their everyday lives thanks to a variety of John Deere combine toys.

We’ve highlighted some specific toys that the little ones can get their hands on daily to learn more about how combines work in a fun manner. Enjoy!

10 Night Farming Photos that Show Production Doesn’t Stop at Sundown

Following a long cold winter spent indoors planning for the upcoming crop season, farmers have plenty of energy built-up waiting to be released in the field when temperatures warm up and the days become longer. However, as the days lengthen, so too does the amount of time that’s needed for work in the fields.

Suddenly, it becomes common for time needed for work on the field to outnumber hours of sunlight in a day. As a result, many farmers spend early spring and late summer nights in the field, getting crops in the ground, and then preparing for the fall harvest. To prove farming doesn’t need to stop when the sun sets, or begin when the sun rises, we’ve put together a gallery of ten photos that show night farming at it’s best, enjoy!

Feeding the Field with Five John Deere Nutrient Applicator Options

Preparing soil for maximum crop production requires both a well-researched application strategy and equipment that can successfully carry-out the identified strategy. Understanding which nutrients are taken from the soil when crops are grown and incorporating best management practices will lead to a valuable crop.

Nutrient Applicators Feeding the Field with Five John Deere Nutrient Applicator Options

John Deere offers a series of nutrient applicators to help simplify this process from start to finish, offering models for all types of application across various seasons. Let’s take a look at some of these options.

2510H Nutrient Applicator

2510H Nutrient Applicator Feeding the Field with Five John Deere Nutrient Applicator Options

11 John Deere Sprayer Parts to Maximize Spraying Efficiency

Applying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to agricultural crops are a critical step in their emergence and sustained growth throughout the growing season. Advances in agricultural chemicals and solutions have made the application process much more important, not only to reduce costs but also to minimize damage that could result from off-target spray drift.

Sprayer 11 John Deere Sprayer Parts to Maximize Spraying Efficiency

Spray drift can cause damage to adjoining crops, contamination of critical water sources, and health risks to people and animals. To avoid drift, operators need to pay close attention to the overall process by utilizing proper equipment, solutions, and practices. To assist this process, crop producers using John Deere sprayers have a number of John Deere sprayer parts available to increase comfort, safety, and overall efficiency while operating sprayers. Let’s take a closer look.

Image Gallery: John Deere Planting and Seeding Equipment in Action

As crop planting and seeding season swings into full force, many United States crop farmers will be in the fields from sunrise to sunset, preparing the ground and delivering seed into trenches during long days. While we understand these demanding days allow for a minimum amount of relaxation time for those on the fields, we wanted to put together an image gallery of John Deere planting and seeding equipment in action, to give farmers and agriculture enthusiasts a look at the crop planting process from outside the cab. So, take a moment to scroll  through this image gallery of 25 pieces of John Deere planting and seeding equipment in action, enjoy!

Making Better Use of Your Land with John Deere Land-Leveling Solutions

Land, water, manpower, time, and money. These five resources have always determined how much farmers could accomplish on their land, and still remain pillars in modern day farming. However, as time has passed, farm managers and crop producers have had an additional resource to assist with the others, technology.

Two Tractors Making Better Use of Your Land with John Deere Land Leveling Solutions

The combination of new, powerful tractors, paired with scrapers and precision-farming software and systems, has armed today’s farmers with an arsenal of tools to make better use of the land and water they have at their disposal. John Deere offers a number of land-leveling solutions designed to maximize what producers get out of their land and water, let’s take a closer look at a few.

John Deere Gator Engines: The Forces behind Recreational and Crossover Utility Vehicles

John Deere’s crossover utility vehicles are designed to provide operators with a vehicle that is tough and versatile enough to handle even the toughest terrain, while tackling a variety of tasks. Deere’s recreational utility vehicles on the other hand, are the perfect vehicle for those who want the thrill of exploring the outdoors, but still need the capability of a dumping cargo box for occasional farm or yard-related chores.

Gators John Deere Gator Engines: The Forces behind Recreational and Crossover Utility Vehicles

Though these series are designed with varying uses in mind, both include unique engines that serve as the muscle to power through tough terrain or demanding projects. Let’s take a closer look at the John Deere Gator engines that can be found within the crossover and recreational series.

Video Gallery: Six John Deere FarmSight Customer Success Stories

Data’s importance within businesses of all types has seemingly grown in importance over recent time, farming included. Crop producers and agribusiness managers are directing their attention to  data and analysis of that data to turn around maximum yields and productivity to meet the world’s growing demand for crops. John Deere FarmSight is one of many available tools to assist producers with collecting this data and turning it into elevated yields and profit by combining equipment, technology, and a close connection with John Deere dealers. Below, we’ve shared the stories of six John Deere customers that use John Deere FarmSight to enhance their crop producing processes and maximize time-efficiency, enjoy!

Journeying Back more than 175 Years at the John Deere Historic Site

Today, John Deere has a worldwide presence, but it all started more than 175 years ago in Grand Detour, Illinois. John Deere set out from Rutland, Vermont in 1836, before opening a shop to repair and manufacture small tools, as well as a polished-steel plow that allowed farmers to cut through the sticky Midwest soil.

John Deere Historic Site Sign Journeying Back more than 175 Years at the John Deere Historic Site

Showing Passion for Agriculture with John Deere Computer Wallpaper

For more than 175 years, John Deere has been producing agricultural equipment based on their founder’s famous ”I will never put my name on a product that does not have the best that is in me” quote. Deere’s dedication to bettering the agricultural industry while making life easier for those that make a living off the land has been the engine driving a growing base of loyal customers and fans of the brand.

If you’re happy to be a part of Deere’s passionate fan-base, take the time to scroll through and download any item of this collection of John Deere computer wallpapers that will surely show your passion for the brand and agriculture as a whole.

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