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Addressing All of Your Hay and Forage Questions – Part 1

August 13, 2014

 by Machinefinder

There’s a great deal of buzz going around about the 9 series round baler from John Deere. With this chatter, come a lot of unanswered questions. Hay and forage growers have no need to worry though because we are here to answer all of your questions.

9 series baler 1 large1 Addressing All of Your Hay and Forage Questions – Part 1

We will be providing you with information about all aspects of the 9 series round baler, from front to back, including features, monitor options, hitches, tires, wraps, and more. By addressing questions about the many useful features of the 9 series baler, we hope that you will have a more enjoyable haying experience! Now, lets get to the good stuff.

Reminiscing on the Past with John Deere Riding Mower History: 1960s

August 12, 2014

 by Machinefinder

For more than 50 years, John Deere and Company has been producing riding mowers for home and property owners, giving them pieces of equipment that are suited for nearly any lawn care project. Over this period of time, the company has introduced hundreds of models, each built with customer needs and concerns in mind, playing a significant role in simplifying yard work and keeping lawns and gardens in peak form.

turf anniversary 1200x800 Reminiscing on the Past with John Deere Riding Mower History: 1960s

Put This on Your Bucket List: A Trip to the John Deere Store

August 11, 2014

 by Machinefinder

The John Deere Store has a deep-rooted history and provides fans with just about everything they could ever imagine desiring. Whether you are a long-time fan or an up-and-coming one, there is something for you to appreciate at this store.

CAUTION: If you choose to visit the John Deere Store, you are entering at your own risk, as your family will probably never want to leave!

new store hero522x302 Put This on Your Bucket List: A Trip to the John Deere Store

Located right near the Pavilion, the John Deere Store offers agriculture fans a huge selection of clothing, toys, collectible items, videos, book and much more, making this attraction an absolute must-visit.

As Good as New: Everything You Need to Know about John Deere CPO

August 7, 2014

 by Machinefinder

High farm incomes in recent years led many United States farmers towards purchasing an abundance of new equipment. As a result, dealers have been left with high inventory levels of used farm equipment because purchases of new large machines often times involve a trade-in of older models.

JD CPO As Good as New: Everything You Need to Know about John Deere CPO

Much like buying a used car, purchasing used agriculture equipment can require an abundance of research and examination prior to the acquisition. John Deere has recognized the increasing number of used machines on dealers’ lots and has put a Certified Pre-Owned Equipment program in place to provide customers with peace of mind and understanding of what they’re getting out of their purchase when they sign on the dotted line. Let’s take a look at the new CPO program at a glance as well as some of the features that make it one-of-a-kind in the used equipment market.

Get Wrapped Up in the John Deere B-Wrap

August 6, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Who knew that there was a way to get barn-quality hay without actually using the barn? For growers who are rightfully protective over their hay crop, the John Deere B-wrap is the perfect alternative solution to indoor hay storage, shielding from rain, snow and ground moisture. It’s important for growers to understand the purpose and technology behind the B-Wrap, as many benefits can be gained from using it. We are here to answer some of your questions on this new technology.

John Deere B Wrap1 Get Wrapped Up in the John Deere B Wrap

Let’s take a deeper look at how the John Deere B-Wrap technology works to protect your hay bales and see what growers are saying about it.

Six Things to Remember Before, During and After Baling Hay

August 5, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Whether producers are looking to feed a few animals on the farm or supply enough nutrients for large herds during the long winter months, the baling process emerges as a critical step in the haymaking process.

Main Six Things to Remember Before, During and After Baling Hay

While hay farming can come in many different shapes and sizes, we’ve decided to offer a few tips that all hay producers should take into consideration before, during, and after the hay baling process. Some things to remember include:

Ready the field for baling

Windrow Six Things to Remember Before, During and After Baling Hay

Green and Yellow for Her: 10 Must-Have John Deere Girls Gifts

August 4, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Some agriculture enthusiasts are fortunate enough to have a woman in their life that loves the John Deere brand just as much as they do. Not only do they adore using Deere equipment on the farm, but they also enjoy incorporating products in their homes, cars, and closets. For those that have struggled finding this particular person gifts in the past, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 gifts that every John Deere girl must have.

careers nextgen hero Green and Yellow for Her: 10 Must Have John Deere Girls Gifts

Whether for a special occasion or no reason at all, there’s no way true John Deere girls won’t appreciate the gift of green, yellow…and pink. Let’s take a look at some unique items to give your lucky girl.

Image Gallery: A Visual Look at Everyday Life on the Farm

July 31, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Today, it doesn’t take as many farmers as it once did to cover a large number of acres for crop production. Thanks to advancements in technology within offices and aboard agricultural equipment, farmers can ultimately do more with less. However, these advancements present farmers with the challenge of knowing how to operate the technology and manage all parts of the farm from sunrise to sundown.

7R Image Gallery: A Visual Look at Everyday Life on the Farm

As a result, life on the farm for crop producers can be very busy, demanding a great deal both physically and mentally, especially during peak planting and harvesting seasons. To give our readers a better understanding of a farmer’s daily life during these busy times, we’ve put together a photo essay that walks through a typical day on the farm during the peak seasons, enjoy!

5 Cutting-Edge Benefits of the John Deere Z465 Mower

July 30, 2014

 by Machinefinder

While landscape fanatics anticipate a perfectly manicured lawn all year round, summer is the prime time for them to show off their grooming skills. Landscapers are always seeking out ways to cut grass quicker and with more precision, which is why John Deere continuously makes improvements to lawn and garden equipment.

John Deere Z465 Mower 5 Cutting Edge Benefits of the John Deere Z465 Mower

 Unsatisfied with letting fine mowers rest on their successes, Deere engineers recently incorporated a few improvements into the Z465 riding mower, making all the difference in precision.

Let’s take a look at 5 key benefits of this cutting-edge mower that will put your lawn in the limelight this summer.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at RDO Auctions with Brian Messerschmidt

July 29, 2014

 by Machinefinder

RDO Equipment is one of many John Deere dealerships that serve its customers through the use of auctions. While traditional auctions are still very much a major factor in the buying and selling of new and used equipment, the digital age has helped expand the horizons. Thanks to online auctions, equipment-seekers from all corners of the United States (and beyond) can virtually participate in the auction process. To get a better understanding of both in-person and online equipment auctions, we recently sat down with Brian Messerschmidt, auction/call center sales manager at RDO Equipment.

RDO A Behind the Scenes Look at RDO Auctions with Brian Messerschmidt

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