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Interview with Joel Wineland, West Central Equipment: John Deere Dealer Spotlight Part 1

May 20, 2014

 by Machinefinder

As we enter peak row crop planting season in parts of the country largely responsible for our nation’s input, John Deere dealerships begin to buzz with customers looking for equipment, parts, or even just some useful information from the industry’s finest. Without these dealerships, and their employees, equipment purchases and servicing would be impossible, crippling our nation’s producers’ ability to harvest the largest yield possible when the sun sets on the growing season and fall sets in.

photo 2 Interview with Joel Wineland, West Central Equipment: John Deere Dealer Spotlight Part 1

15 Interesting Soybean Facts to Know this Planting Season

May 19, 2014

 by Machinefinder

As soybean planting season hits full stride across most of the United States and producers work on covering an expected record acreage, we thought it would be a good opportunity to take a moment and better understand the history of soybeans, what they’re used for, and some other fun facts that may not be common knowledge.

iStock 000013954659Small 15 Interesting Soybean Facts to Know this Planting Season

We’ve put together a list of 15 soybean facts that we found to be either critical to shaping today’s soybean production or were simply just interesting tidbits of knowledge worth sharing. Enjoy!

1. Soybeans originated in Southeast Asia and were first domesticated by Chinese farmers around 1100 BC. (Source)

Video Gallery: Add More and Do More with John Deere Attachments

May 15, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Farmers are always looking for ways to improve production and efficiency on the field. A great way to optimize performance is to add John Deere attachments to your existing system. By doing this, you will increase the growing potential of your land while maximizing the value of your equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the enhancement options that can help in reducing costs and maximizing yield.

Precise and Efficient Planting Results

Conquering Multiple Tasks with Help from the John Deere 2R Series

May 14, 2014

 by Machinefinder

At the peak of the spring season, multi-tasking seems to reach its pinnacle. There are lawns to be mowed, materials to be moved, and loads to be hauled, producing the need for a versatile piece of equipment with all the answers. John Deere’s 2R Series compact utility tractor models (2025R, 2027R, 2032R) include several features that give off a “big tractor” feel while being able to be stored safely in the garage.

2032R Conquering Multiple Tasks with Help from the John Deere 2R Series

In this post, we will highlight some of the features of the 2R Series that make it a great machine for multi-tasking during the spring.

Six Must-Ask Questions before Buying a John Deere Utility Tractor

May 12, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Whether you own 50 acre or 1,000 acre property, there will always be a number of projects to be completed, ranging from mowing, material handling, tilling, seeding, and much more. When these projects become overwhelming, it may be time to look for help in the form of a utility tractor, which can be the best friend of a property owner looking to do ranching, hobby farming, or just general lawn care.

Utility Tractors Six Must Ask Questions before Buying a John Deere Utility Tractor

30 John Deere Cover Photos for Agriculture Enthusiasts

May 8, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Facebook is home to more than 1 billion active monthly users, so it’s fair to assume a large portion of agricultural producers are active, spending some of their valuable free time interacting with friends and family through status updates, photos, and more. When landing on a Facebook page, one of the first things a user notices is the large cover photo (851 x 315 pixels) that appears at the top of the page as a background. The name “cover photo” is telling as it takes a similar role as a book cover, providing a first-glance visual impression.

Gliding Across the Lawn for a Precise Cut with the John Deere D100

May 7, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Homeowners that care for their lawn are always looking for ways to improve its health and make it more visually appealing. A major player in this process stems from their mower’s ability to produce a precise, even cut. The John Deere D100 mower allows for just that, and more, thanks to a number of features.

D100 Gliding Across the Lawn for a Precise Cut with the John Deere D100

Let’s take a look at some of the unique features that can be found within the D100 and the role each plays in providing land-owners with a durable mower that has outstanding cutting ability.

10 Must-Equip Accessories for the Ultimate John Deere Car

May 5, 2014

 by Machinefinder

John Deere enthusiasts enjoy showing their love for the brand everywhere they go. The green and yellow color scheme paired with the iconic leaping deer logo can be seen not only in the fields, at the worksite, or in the forest, but also on clothing, referenced in famous songs, at weddings, and much more.

There are a number of accessories that now make it possible for these loyal fans of the brand to bring Deere on the road by decorating some (or all) parts of their vehicle. Let’s take a look at ten accessories that can help these loyalists create the ultimate John Deere car.

Image Gallery: John Deere Golf and Turf Equipment Grooming the Links

May 1, 2014

 by Machinefinder

As the summer approaches, general managers and superintendents of golf courses will likely see their courses getting more play from members and loyal customers. While more play is great for business, it also presents a challenge to keep the course looking as  manicured and green as it did on opening day. Divots, ball marks, fast-growing grass, and normal wear all require weekly and daily grooming to allow the course to remain in peak condition.

Paired with careful planning and appropriate manpower, John Deere golf and turf equipment can be the perfect sidekick to groom the links, keeping the course and its players satisfied. To show this equipment in action, we’ve put together a gallery of 25 photos, ranging from fairways to greens, enjoy!

Knocking Down Stalks with Ease Using John Deere Rotary Cutters

April 30, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Often times, when the process of cutting or mowing grass is imagined, our minds immediately go to mowers manicuring the green grass surrounding homes or businesses. However, the reality is, knocking down long grass and stalks in no-till and minimum-till fields (along roadways, cemeteries, orchards etc.) is just as important  in order to encourage grass growth, control insects, reduce weeds, prevent erosion, and much more.

rsz rotary cutter in field Knocking Down Stalks with Ease Using John Deere Rotary Cutters

To manage these large areas of grass and stalks, operators need large rotary cutters that make quick, efficient work of large-scale projects. John Deere’s Rotary Cutters come in different sizes and styles that provide a solution to nearly any cutting situation. Let’s take a look at a few of the models and what makes them effective stalk-choppers.

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