John Deere Gear Force Toys: Putting a Smile on Any Child’s Face

April 27, 2015

Every young John Deere fan needs a toy that falls in line with his or her passion for agriculture. Luckily, there are several John Deere Gear Force Toys on the market that can fulfill this need. Whether you’re looking for a special birthday present or you simply want to show you care, consider purchasing one of the following John Deere Gear Force Toys:

Gear Force Utility ATV

This utility ATV can make any little one feel like he or she is right out there in the field, riding through any terrain. It comes with its own action figure as well.

Video Gallery: Production-Class John Deere Construction Equipment

April 23, 2015

With unbeatable visibility, improved comfort, responsiveness and reliability, the production-class John Deere construction equipment line offers operators everything they need to better tackle a tough job. Because no two projects are ever the same, productivity is something that can’t be compromised in the construction industry. No matter what the job entails or what unexpected variables arise, it’s important to have a hardworking machine behind your operation.

John Deere Construction Equipment

This is why we want to formally introduce you to the newest members of the John Deere production-class construction equipment lineup. We’ve put together this video gallery looking at some of the most powerful and productive construction machines on the market. Enjoy!

What Can JDLink Do for Your John Deere Equipment?

April 22, 2015

What if you could stay up-to-date on your John Deere machinery while you’re away from the field? With JDLink, that desire can become a reality for agricultural professionals. John Deere offers JDLink to provide individuals with up-to-the-minute data on their machinery. Here is a look at some of the additional benefits JDLink can bring to operators.

ExactEmerge Planter Support

Agricultural professionals can benefit from remote monitoring and support for ExactEmerge Planters, thanks to JDLink. All ExactEmerge Planters model year 2015 and newer come with a factory-installed modular telematics gateway terminal and JDLink. This gives users the ability to capture limited parameters on their planters and enhance performance.

John Deere Equipment Comparison: 6M and 6R Series Tractors

April 20, 2015

Power and versatility. These two words could be the most sensible pair to use when describing John Deere’s 6M and 6R Series Tractors. Each of these models is designed to handle a variety of chores with ease, all while keeping the operator comfortable.

John Deere 6M and 6R Tractors

To assist those looking to learn more about the similarities and differences between each of these tractor models, we’ve put together an equipment comparison that walks through some of the critical features. Enjoy!

Video Gallery: How to Get the Most Out of SeedStar Mobile

April 16, 2015

Do you feel like your planting window is only getting shorter and that seed costs just aren’t going down? These two reasons are why we believe it’s essential for you to make every last seed count. With SeedStar Mobile, you’ll have a much more productive and less stressful experience on the field.

SeedStar Mobile

SeedStar Mobile gives farmers the ability to access an abundance of vital information on a row-by-row basis, without ever having to leave the cab of their tractors. It lets producers see skips and know if any of their row units are having problems, while seeing fluctuations in real-time. Also, with a fully customizable screen dashboard, farmers will have the variables they determine most important right at their fingertips. Focus on anything from population to seed spacing COV, applied downforce and more.

John Deere ZTrak Mowers: Making Large Projects Seem Small

April 15, 2015

Experienced landscapers understand that there’s more to mowing than simply shortening the blades of grass that cover the property. It’s also about quality, comfort, and efficiency. That’s where John Deere’s ZTrak mowers come into play, fitting these needs for residential and commercial customers alike.

John Deere ZTrak Mowers

To give landscapers a better understanding of what these mower models have to offer, we’ve broken down the ZTrak options by series, providing a look at some of the key features that each possess.


Z600 Series

John Deere Z600 Series

John Deere T-Shirts: Show Off Your Agricultural Pride

April 13, 2015

With spring here and summer around the corner, John Deere t-shirts are the perfect items to show off your love for everything agriculture. Whether you’re a fan of John Deere tractors or you have a passion for farming, John Deere t-shirts can help you exhibit your pride.


Best of all, they are ideal for everything from lounging to working outdoors. Here are some of the most popular Deere shirts for both men and women.

Men’s Black Tee John Deere Construction Logo

Composed of 100 percent cotton, this t-shirt features the John Deere construction trademark logo. Men’s fit.

Video Gallery: John Deere Customer Stories to Inspire Your Farming Operations

April 9, 2015

Much like other agriculture enthusiasts, we’re deeply fascinated with the many John Deere customer stories out there. Whether spreading wisdom, sharing unique techniques or telling a success story, we genuinely enjoy hearing stories from John Deere customers around the country and world.

For this reason, we’ve put together a video gallery of some of our favorite John Deere customer stories. These videos explain the deep-rooted history of farms and ranches across the country, while displaying the John Deere equipment behind their daily operations. Enjoy!

The Story of the Rancher

Product Spotlight: The John Deere 1590 No-Till Drill

April 8, 2015

No-till drilling has evolved over the course of the last 50 years, as the practice has been credited to a farmer from North Carolina in 1962. The John Deere 1590 No-Till Drill is a prime example of this evolution. No-till planting provides very effective erosion control and moisture conservation measures, and this John Deere equipment helps farmers place the plant seeds directly into the soil through the residue of a previous crop – all without plowing or disking.

1590 No-Till Drill

Here are some of the key features of the John Deere 1590 No-Till Drill that will get you excited to start working in the field.

John Deere Equipment Comparison: X300 and X500 Riding Lawn Tractors

April 6, 2015

John Deere’s 2015 riding lawn tractor lineup features a number of capable machines that are designed to provide a premium cut and tackle any number of landscaping chores that might await you. The John Deere X300 and X500 are similar in their abilities to make a lawn dazzle, but they do have some differences as well.

To assist those looking to learn more about each of these models and how they differ from one another, we’ve put together an equipment comparison that walks through some of the critical features. Enjoy!