Video Gallery: Six John Deere FarmSight Customer Success Stories

April 3, 2014

Data’s importance within businesses of all types has seemingly grown in importance over recent time, farming included. Crop producers and agribusiness managers are directing their attention to  data and analysis of that data to turn around maximum yields and productivity to meet the world’s growing demand for crops. John Deere FarmSight is one of many available tools to assist producers with collecting this data and turning it into elevated yields and profit by combining equipment, technology, and a close connection with John Deere dealers. Below, we’ve shared the stories of six John Deere customers that use John Deere FarmSight to enhance their crop producing processes and maximize time-efficiency, enjoy!

Mike Vitko’s Story

Mike Vitko, of Gardner, Illinois, uses Wireless Data Transfer in his operation to leverage available information for improved processes. Mike explains he can take the collected data and make it available to whoever he wants to see it, including Deere dealers and agronomists. Making data available to others allows for additional professional analysis and advice for years ahead. Wireless Data Transfer eliminates the need for manual data transferring via USB sticks or other memory units from machine to machine.

Henning Wubbe’s Story

Henning, a farmer based in La Riviere, Manitoba, uses John Deere FarmSight to reduce loss thanks to assistance from equipment specialists. Henning said the FarmSight program allowed him to do what he does best, harvesting his grain, while the specialists set his combine to reduce the amount of loss coming out of the back of the machine during harvest.

Johnny Verell’s Story

Johnny Verrell, a corn, soy, and wheat farmer in Jackson, Tennessee, was having issues with his Remote Display Access system on his new sprayer. He contacted a local Deere dealer who was able to pull up Johnny’s display on his end, and the problem was fixed within minutes, getting him back in the field without wasting minutes or hours waiting for a dealer to come out to the field.

Franklin Fogleman’s Story

Fogleman Farms is a fifth generation farm located in Marion, Arkansas, which produces a wide variety of crops. Franklin had a desire to strive to get better at everything they do in order to maximize their full potential. They turned to John Deere guidance systems to reduce driver fatigue, wasted effort in the field from overlap, and achieve higher levels of efficiency throughout the day. Fogleman uses Deere technology to manage their large operation, as manual operations become increasingly difficult as business grows.

Frank Lussetto’s Story

Frank Lussetto manages a 3,000 acre farm in Broadwater, Nebraska, and discusses the importance of technology in the tractors he uses on his land. Frank follows the “if you can measure it, you can manage it” theory, indicating data and management of that data will be a critical factor of successful farming for years to come. He notes the amount of time John Deere FarmSight saves him and the rest of his team during critical seasons.

Matt VanRay’s Story

Matt’s combine, equipped with Row Sense, was having trouble communicating with the technology. He contacted a local dealer, who linked to their display to walk through steps that needed to be taken to get the combine and Row Sense back on the same page. Matt’s dealer is not located very close to his farm, so the Remote Display Access allowed him to save time while solving a problem with help from a dealer representative.

Technology and data management will likely continue to play a large role in modern agriculture. As demand for crops increases, farmers will  use technology to make more informed and faster decisions regarding how to maximize yield and profit. If you enjoyed this post, or want to take a look at some others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Google+