As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  The beauty and expressiveness of the image is taken one step further in the case of infographics.  Here are our favorite 6 farm infographics that we hope you enjoy:

1 – Thank you very much-o, Mr. Robot-o!

Seriously, this infographic quickly shows the major idea that the wave of the future certainly does include farming.  Future farming concepts include Vertical Farming, where staple crops could be grown in environmentally friendly skyscrapers, or No-Till Farming, where direct mulching of waste plant matter let farmers plant seeds without using a plow to turn the soil.

2 – New Urbanism – Can it include gardening?

Yes, and not your garden variety gardening, either!  Wikipedia explains: “The Garden city movement is an approach to urban planning that was founded in 1898 by Sir Ebenezer Howard in theUnited Kingdom. Garden cities were intended to be planned, self-contained, communities surrounded by greenbelts, containing carefully balanced areas of residences, industry, and agriculture.” Be sure to click through to that link because there are even more cool infographics to check out.


3 – Take the Field – Scendiamo in campo


4 – Show me the money?

In Portuguese, corn is called milho. And the augmentative of milho could be milhão. The same as the million. “Show do milhão” it’s a TV show in the likes of “who wants to be a millionaire”.


5 – Milk production infographic around the world


6 – Flower sales in the United Kingdom

Interesting infographic about how the cycle of flowers goes from production to consumption in the UK:


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