Much like other agriculture enthusiasts, we’re deeply fascinated with the many John Deere customer stories out there. Whether spreading wisdom, sharing unique techniques or telling a success story, we genuinely enjoy hearing stories from John Deere customers around the country and world.

For this reason, we’ve put together a video gallery of some of our favorite John Deere customer stories. These videos explain the deep-rooted history of farms and ranches across the country, while displaying the John Deere equipment behind their daily operations. Enjoy!

The Story of the Rancher

The fifth generation Montanan, Matt Pierson, of the Highland Cattle Company, and best friend, Mack Dettman built quite the business for themselves. This video looks at all of the hard work and productive machinery that has contributed to their success over the years.

Matt Pierson, a John Deere gator owner since 2009, explains his desire for his boys to one day take care of his farm. He says, “If we don’t take care of what we have now then there won’t be anything to hand down.”

Take a look at the hardworking team that Matt put together, leading to the great success of his business.

The Story of the Breeding Manager

Equine breeding manager, Rita Hunsucker and assistant breeding manager, Sarah Johnson run the Wagonhound Land and Livestock Company in Douglas, Wyoming. With their own farming program and well-known brand, this ranch is truly where care and quality come to life.

Rita, a John Deere gator owner since 2010, explains how the Wagonhound Land and Livestock Company takes things beyond just a financial investment. Their main concern is that all the animals are healthy and happy, and this sometimes means that their lives essentially revolve around the moms and babies of the farm. She describes the heartbreak involved in being so passionate about the business and animals, as they can’t always fix every problem thrown at them. Watch this video and get to know their hardworking team!

The Story of the Father and Son

Meet Chum and Chad Howe of Ross Peak Ranch, just outside of Bozeman, Montana. Just a hair over 9,000 feet in elevation and 428 acres, Chad explains that managing their land brings a feeling of stewardship that compels you to do what’s right for the animals and the land itself. Chum, the father of Chad, explains how working with his son in a partnership is such a special treat. They equally work various elements of the ranch, from the haying to the wedding venue and animal care.

Chad has owned John Deere gators since 2011 and discusses how they’ve mastered their daily operations in the interest of time and energy. Watch this video to find out how this father son team have figured out over the last thirty years how to get things done right.

The Story of the Dairy Farmer

The Woodland Creek Dairy in Waunakee, Wisconsin is at the heart of why in-laws Bill Endres and Joe Ziegler get up in the morning. Bill credits his grandfather for the start of the (now very successful) operation.

Bill shares ownership with his son-in-law, Joe, a forth generation farmer who praises his father-in-law for his work ethic and dedication to the farm. Check out this video to see some real quality John Deere equipment and care.

The Story of the Husband and Wife

Adam and Sarah Wilson know how to reduce risk and bring family together to get things done on their farm in Virginia. Adam, a John Deere gator owner since 2009, explains that farming is always a gamble, but there are certain things you can do to cut some of the risk out.

When you’re dealing with live animals, fluctuating markets and weather there is always some risk but Adam and Sarah have found their groove. Running two separate livestock and cattle companies, this team constantly works together to improve their operations. Learn more about how this family bet on love and hard work to take their farm all the way!

We hope you enjoyed hearing these thrilling John Deere customer stories and feel inspired by their success! If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on FacebookTwitter or Google+!

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