The National Farm Machinery show continues to be the largest indoor farm show in America. This year’s show was made up of 850 exhibitors that covered 1.2 million square feet of floor space in Louisville, Kentucky.

We’ve put together a video gallery providing an inside look at the John Deere planter display for the agriculture enthusiasts who weren’t able to attend the 2016 show. In this video series, you will find out the key features and benefits that help planters realize their ideal planting windows. Enjoy!

National Farm Machinery Show 2016 (Interview 1)

This is video one of three from the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show. Adam Sipes (planter specialist at John Deere) talks about key features of the MaxEmerge 5e Planter. He explains that when the Deere product team thinks about adding new features to a planter, four key elements are considered: population accuracy, seed spacing accuracy, even emergence and hitting the planting window. Watch the video to find out what MaxEmerge 5e Planter features help with these essentials.

National Farm Machinery Show 2016 (Interview 2)

This is video two of three from the National Farm Machinery Show 2016. Here, Adam Sipes was interviewed to introduce the full Deere planter portfolio that’s currently available and coming to market. He overviews some new features of the ExactEmerge row unit that will help customers tackle some of their biggest challenges on the field and achieve that optimal planting window. In this video, Adam points out the key components in his display at the show.

National Farm Machinery Show 2016 (Interview 3)

This is video three of three from the National Farm Machinery Show 2016. Adam Sipes points out something really unique about the MaxEmerge 5e Planter – the automatically adjusting closing wheel, which allows the planting operator to no longer have to make manual adjustments to the closing wheels. What exactly does this mean for operators? It provides about four times the down force accuracy applied at the seed trench. That means better seed to soil contact, which contributes to better emergence.

We hope you enjoyed this video gallery and have a better understanding of how the Deere’s product team aims to help improve population accuracy, seed spacing accuracy, even emergence and the planting window.

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