Up Close With John Deere at the National Farm Machinery Show 2011

February 18, 2011

The National Farm Machinery Show has been in full swing, and John Deere MachineFinder has been right in the middle of the action!

We’ve been out on the John Deere exhibit floor this week, getting straight talk about all the latest machinery from the folks in green.

Here are a few interviews we have conducted:

John Deere Limited Edition Gator XUV Camo 4×4

We had the pleasure of getting a walkthrough on the Limited Edition Gator XUV Camo with Product Manager Mark Clodfelter:

It’s great to appreciate the little things in life.  Juxtaposed with the aesthetic beauty and power of the XUV, one of our favorite images from the show was a macro photography shot of the alloy wheels on the Gator XUV:

Live Streaming with Machinery Pete

There’s no question that the highlight of day 1 was our live video stream with  none other than Machinery Pete! We were broadcasting straight from the show floor and press room, and received lots of questions from the online community.

Zimmcomm caught a shot of us behind the scenes in the press room booth:


Inside the Command View Cab, John Deere 8310R

Up close and personal with Matt Arnold, we had a chance to review the command view cab firsthand.

A record breaking 300,000+ people were expected for this event, so there’s  a lot more coverage to be found on our Flickr image set and Youtube channels as well.

Here is some additional coverage throughout the web from other Ag news sources on NFMS11:

Were you able to make it out to NFMS11? Planning on going next year? Let us know in the comments, and hope to see you there!

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