We think our readers will really enjoy the images we’ve included for this post. From an old John Deere-authored book — The Operation, Care and Repair of Farm Machinery — we’d like to thank the Flickr account responsible for making these available online. Tom left these notes:

Scanned from “The Operation, Care and Repair of Farm Machinery”, Tenth Edition, published by John Deere, Moline, Illinois. There was no date in the book.

With a bit of research, we discovered that the edition featured below, the 10th, was published in 1936. The 1st edition made its debut on shelves in 1927 with the last edition, the 28th, published in 1957.

The books were utilized by schools in agricultural areas. Ironically, when the first edition was published, The John DeereĀ  Company only had one tractor model in production. Most of the book focused on horse-drawn farm equipment. This of course changed in later editions.




Two-row tractor cultivator(source)

John Deere 12-foot combine(source)

John Deere adjustable tread general purpose tractor(source)

john deere general purpose(source)

John Deere integral two-way plow(source)

John Deere standard type tractor(source)



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