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4 Primary Benefits of Spraying With John Deere ExactApply

April 5, 2017

Each year during the crop growing season, producers hit the fields with several goals in mind. One goal that typically lives near the top of producers’ lists is improving spray resolution accuracy.

As the summer of 2016 came to a close, John Deere ExactApply was introduced in an effort to meet these demands and improve overall application efforts. The new system will be available on new 2018 model John Deere 4-Series sprayers.
John Deere ExactApply

Doug Felter, product marketing manager, crop protection and nutrient solutions, said at the time of the release, “The new ExactApply system was developed for producers and ag service providers who seek a higher level of control of product applications, especially improved application efficacy and accuracy in all field shapes and sizes.”

Ten Crop Spraying Tips to Reduce Drift and Maximize Efficiency

July 1, 2014

Row-crop producers spend many long days out in the field during the planting season in an effort to prepare their fields for success. Once the seeds are in the ground and crops begin to emerge, they become susceptible to a number of threats posed by insects, diseases, and more. To defend against these threats, producers will often take to the fields with spraying equipment loaded with appropriate nutrients or pesticides.

John Deere sprayer at sunset

We’ve put together a list of ten crop spraying tips that will help producers reduce spray-drift and maximize the return on their spraying investments.