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Lose Yourself Outdoors with these 10 John Deere Country Camo Pieces

July 28, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Camouflage clothing has a deep-rooted history in the military and outdoor recreation industry. While it’s original purpose is to blend the human form into nature, it evolved into a trendy everyday pattern as well. John Deere has incorporated camouflage into multifaceted accessories that allow outdoor enthusiasts to truly make a statement.

We’ve come up with a collection of items, from clothing to gator accessories, that will help include camouflage in your daily activities.

Camo Leather Belt 

John Deere Camo2 Lose Yourself Outdoors with these 10 John Deere Country Camo Pieces

This leather trimmed camo belt is the perfect addition to any country camo lover’s wardrobe. It has a removable nickel belt buckle so that you’re free to change to another favorite John Deere buckle!

Standing Out From the Flock with 12 John Deere Twitter Header Photos

July 24, 2014

 by Machinefinder

With more than 255 monthly active users and 500 million tweets per day, it can be easy for tweets to get buried on feeds, leaving your profile a digital wasteland. Whether you’re trying to grow your follower count or simply add a little spice to your profile, Twitter offers its users the ability to customize their header photo (a 1500 x 500 pixel image that appears at the top of the profile).

Screenshot 11 Standing Out From the Flock with 12 John Deere Twitter Header Photos

5 Formative Features of the John Deere S690 Combine

July 23, 2014

 by Machinefinder

During the busy harvesting season, many farmers strive for increased production on the field to ensure that all of their hard work and dedication will be worth it in the end. The John Deere S690 S-Series combine incorporates performance, safety, service and reliability features that make harvesting easier in large crop. With the collaboration of power, grain quality, and efficiency, harvesting can be transformed into a completely new experience.

John Deere S6902 5 Formative Features of the John Deere S690 Combine

Let’s comb through five key features of the John Deere S690 combine that will help farmers become even more efficient and productive on the field.

ProDrive™ Propulsion System

Utilizing 2014 S-Series Combine Technology for Intelligent Harvesting

July 22, 2014

 by Machinefinder

John Deere agricultural technology has come a long way in recent time, providing producers with digital tools to enhance the overall crop farming process. With the harvesting season beginning in the next few months, producers will likely look to their combine technology to help guide them to a high yield.

John Deere Combine App 1200x800 Utilizing 2014 S Series Combine Technology for Intelligent Harvesting

At their most recent product introduction, John Deere introduced a number of new products and capabilities, including enhancements made to S-Series combines. Let’s take a look at the technological features that can be found aboard the 2014 John Deere S-Series combines and how they can assist the crop production process.

10 John Deere Necessities for an Epic Tailgate Party

July 21, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Tailgating has become a huge tradition in the American culture, providing people with a way to display their support at sports games, concerts, and other celebratory events. For agriculture enthusiasts, no tailgate party is complete without the iconic John Deere logo that gets them even more psyched for the special day.

green yellow vert logo 10 John Deere Necessities for an Epic Tailgate Party

Whether you’re preparing for a tailgate party or just looking for an excuse to host one, having the right supplies will make the journey a little easier. Let take a peak at 10 John Deere necessities that will help host an epic party this summer.

Aluminum Tumbler Set

Taking a Look from Within: 20 All-Access John Deere Cab Photos

July 17, 2014

 by Machinefinder

The cabs of tractors and other pieces of agricultural equipment have evolved significantly over the years. What used to be a seat with a few pedals and a steering wheel, has transformed into an office on wheels with gadgets, accessories, comfort features, and much more. These innovations have helped John Deere cabs come a long way, increasing efficiency, productivity, and comfort during those long days in the field.

Intro Image Taking a Look from Within: 20 All Access John Deere Cab Photos

While most of us don’t have the opportunity to operate these pieces of equipment on a daily basis, we decided to do the next best thing and put together a 20-photo image gallery from within today’s John Deere cab. Take a few minutes to scroll through this image gallery to see things through a producer’s lens, enjoy!

Four Benefits to Reap from the John Deere 6630 Series Tractor

July 16, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Farmers are constantly looking for ways to broaden their horizons on the field and road, as it is essential for operators to make the most of their equipment. The power, versatility and efficiency incorporated in the John Deere 6630 series tractors allows farmers to widen their scope without ever having to sacrifice reliability.

John Deere 6630 Four Benefits to Reap from the John Deere 6630 Series Tractor

While there are many added benefits of the 6630, let’s take a look at four key gains that farmers will experience from using this tractor.

Broader Visibility

Taking a Break from the Farm: Eight Can’t-Miss 2014 State Fairs

July 15, 2014

 by Machinefinder

As the spring planting season has concluded and the summer marches on, crop producers across the country are likely ready for some fun, relaxing days with the family whenever time allows for it. Between July 4th and Labor Day, there will be a number of 2014 state fairs taking place, giving area residents (and even non-residents) a gathering place for food, fun, education, and much more.

nmb feb12 DSC 7056 1LR 700x395 Taking a Break from the Farm: Eight Cant Miss 2014 State Fairs

We’ve searched the web for information covering eight state fairs that we believe are “can’t miss” events this year. So, while producers are preparing their harvesting equipment, we hope this list and information allows them to mark their calendars for a well-deserved day of family-fun!

Ten Accessories to Complete the Ultimate John Deere Office

July 14, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Whether their workspace is a typical office or takes the form of a row crop tractor cab, Deere fans can incorporate the notorious green and yellow colors to make the ultimate John Deere office. We’ve put together a list of 10 John Deere office accessories that will help create a more enjoyable place to work.

“Iron Horse” Mug

John Deere4 Ten Accessories to Complete the Ultimate John Deere Office

When filled with morning coffee, this stoneware mug will surely awaken any agriculture enthusiast, making it an excellent addition to the office. It shows off a classic “Iron horse” tractor and resembles something from an old fashioned diner!

Vintage Tin Bank

Video Gallery: Doing More with John Deere Gator Parts and Attachments

July 10, 2014

 by Machinefinder

Versatility is a part of John Deere Gators’ DNA. 365 days-a-year, regardless of conditions, Gators have the ability to be customized to fit operator needs and conquer any challenges nature presents. Thanks to a number of available John Deere Gator parts and attachments, owners and operators are just a few additions away from taking on any project or going on the joyride of a lifetime.

r4a010593 family 762x458 Video Gallery: Doing More with John Deere Gator Parts and Attachments

Below, we’ve featured four videos that prove Gators are the ultimate utility vehicles ready for year-round usage. Enjoy!

Make Your Gator a Valuable Field Tool

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