John Deere 4020

John Deere Tractor Models – Taking a Look Through Time

November 19, 2018

Over the past century, John Deere has consistently introduced new ideas and technology in order to make lives easier. Whether it was developing the first steel plow for farmers in Illinois or creating the first seated cultivator, this company established its role as an industry leader from the get-go. Staying ahead meant breaking boundaries, something which came about when Deere purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company and officially entered the tractor business in 1918.

1972 JD 4020 Tractor Sold for $30,000 on Indiana Auction

March 3, 2014

How many JD 4020 tractors have I seen sold at auction over the past 18+ years? 1,684.

So it was kind of an eye opener when I run across a 4020 selling for the 4th highest sale price ever. Such was the case on a February 22, 2014 consignment auction in northeast Indiana where the 1972 JD 4020 diesel tractor pictured above sold for $30,000. It was the “originalness” of this tractor that made it pop with bidders. 4,180 actual hours. One owner. Shedded. Folks knew who the owner was, knew the history of care.

This 1972 JD 4020 diesel tractor with 4,180 original "1 owner" hours sold for $30,000 on a February 22, 2014 consignment auction in northeast Indiana

1970 John Deere 4020 Sells for $26,000

September 21, 2010

Sold for $26,000 on recent farm auction in northwest Illinois

Food for Thought: What’s the Nicest 4020 Tractor Model?

August 4, 2010

$31,000: The Highest Auction Price Machinery Pete has seen on a JD 4020

1,280 John Deere 4020 tractors.

That’s how many I’ve seen sold at auction over the last 14 years. That’s how many 4020 sale prices we’ve got in our “auction results” database at I’m sure the number is well over 2,000 4020’s sold in my 21 years of tracking auction sale prices.

The nicest one I’ve run across? Hmm, don’t have to think about that too hard. Would have to be the 1972 4020 with 2,499 one-owner hours sold on a farm auction November 21, 2007 in northwest Ohio.