John Deere 5010

Second Highest Auction Price Ever on John Deere 5010 Tractor

June 24, 2014

Wow, what a beauty.

I’m talking about the restored 1963 John Deere 5010 tractor that sold for $45,000 on a May 24, 2014 collector auction in east-central Iowa. $45,000 is the second highest auction sale price I’ve ever seen on a JD 5010.

John Deere 5010

The highest sale price? $79,100 on a 2006 Ebay online auction for the very 1st SN# John Deere 5010. It was in kind of rough shape after having been used by a municipality in Oklahoma for many years. The buyer was well known collector of first SN# John Deere tractors, Walter Keller of Forrest Junction, WI. After extensive restoration work, here’s what that 1st SN# JD 5010 tractor looks like today:

Tractors Of The Past: John Deere 5010

March 19, 2012

John Deere 5010


Life in the 1930s was a time when row crop tractors were prevalent in the farming industry, as these models were capable of cultivating row crops and featured one front wheel or two closely-spaced front wheels that traveled between two rows, according to Ag Web.

The industry saw several changes occur in the coming years, but the issue of power was always prominent. Many of the machines featured wide rear fenders, panels around the front of the operator’s platform and treads to help harness the power of the machine.