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Elevating Operation Efficiency with 6 John Deere GreenStar Products

November 26, 2014

Agricultural management solutions continue to help farmers reduce input and labor costs, increase efficiency and better manage their resources. John Deere is at the forefront, revolutionizing the farming industry with its precision products, helping farmers implement technology into their strategies. Here are six John Deere displays, receivers and RTK radios that can change the way farmers do business.

1. GreenStar 3 2630 Display

John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 Display

The John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 Display provides easy information-transfer with a USB stick, and it has a touch screen with quicker operating speed. It also has compatibility with several AMS and JDLink components to enable remote support and machine monitoring.

10 Memorable Farming Quotes from Famous Figures

Updated: April 14, 2020

Agricultural production has been a staple of the United States from the beginning. Year-round, American farmers leverage all the land has to offer in an effort to provide necessities for the world’s ever-expanding population. Over time, there have been a number of memorable farming quotes from historical figures that put it all into perspective for those that don’t make a living on the farm.

Farming Quotes

To honor our American farmers and share some of these famous farming quotes as we head into peak harvest season, we’ve put together a list of ten of our favorites. Enjoy, and feel free to share with friends!