John Deere’s Incredible SmartGrade™ Dozers

Video Gallery: Gaining a Competitive Edge with John Deere’s SmartGrade Dozers

August 24, 2017

John Deere strives to make you look good and with the SmartGrade™ Dozers, they’re built with exactly that in mind, making you look like a genius. These machines feature a grade-control system that is completely integrated into the machine cabin, structures, and even the software — delivering precise grading performance and eliminating vulnerable external masts and cables.

The SmartGrade system allows you to choose new load levels, dozing activities and material types in just a couple monitor touches, resulting in no longer needing a GPS expert. But it doesn’t stop there, these dozers come with more than a full 3D grade control integration, they reduce the risk of damage, theft and can even eliminate system installation time.