The John Deere 605C crawler loader is the perfect every day machine for your excavating and loading responsibilities.  This powerful crawler loader is equipped with a 4.5 liter turbo charged engine, which gives the user enough power to accomplish any task.

Long Lasting

The JD 605C Crawler Loader is built with a heavy duty sealed undercarriage that ensures durability and longevity of the vehicle. Legendary engineering and continuous improvements help keep John Deere machinery in your fleet longer.

The dual-path hydrostatic transmission eliminates “shift-shock”, enabling a smoother ride, and improves this vehicles overall fuel efficiency. The JD dual-path system also gives this crawler loader better acceleration, and better control over emissions.

Why Machinefinder?

These powerful loaders are used at various work-sites all over the country and is the catalyst that connects people to these needed machines. As our archives become deeper and more refined, our audience will continue to benefit from our exceptional platform. Finding a used John Deere 605C Loader Crawler has never been easier.

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