The JD 655C At Work

The John Deere 655C Crawler loader is an exceptional construction vehicle that can tackle all of your working needs. With a 6.7 water-cooled, turbo-charged engine, the JD 655C will be able to handle anything you throw in its way.

Improved Features

If you are planning to work long hours, the full featured dual-path hydrostatic drive will allow you to muscle through the hardest tasks. John Deere has created an exceptional line of Crawler Loaders that are structurally in a class of their own. The power management system of the John Deere 655C crawler loader has been engineered to optimize fuel efficiency and run smoothly with less jerking.

Machinefinder & Machinefinder Mobile

With Machinefinder on your side you can be sure to find the right heavy equipment for your farm or construction site. Our dealer portal allows users to find the right equipment, at the right price.

Whether you are on our website or on our new Machinefinder Mobile platform, you can be sure to find the used John Deere 655C crawler loader that is right for you.

Our data-base of Deere dealers makes it easier than ever to build new relationships in the agricultural and construction industry.

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