When you first get a John Deere corn planter, it’s important to know your machine. There are two ways of doing this: 1) you can locate your closest  John Deere dealer, who will be best able to answer any questions you may have about your tractor, or 2) you can familiarize yourself with the John Deere corn planter parts guide, which can walk you through the parts associated with the corn planter and indicate which parts go with which tractor.

John Deere Corn planter parts. Drills and air seeders.

Examples of the John Deere corn planter parts you’ll find in the guide include:

Unit Mounted Row Cleaners

Row cleaners have myriad benefits, including quicker soil warm-up and germination, reduced hairpinning of residue into seed furrow, and a smooth ride for gauge wheels to ensure less row bounce. On this row cleaner, two angled wheels dig into the soil surface and residue, sweeping them to the side. The part number for a unit mounted row cleaner is BA32571; it can be applied to any planter.  For more information, consult your dealer or reference the sales manual.


The RowCommand™ was made specifically for planting in headlands, point rows, and waterways with accuracy like no other row unit system. Its ability to turn off individual row units on-the-go to reduce seed waste or loss is one of its best features. The RowCommand™ is only compatible on planters with 12 rows or more. For more details on which planters the RowCommand™ can be applied to and how, contact your John Deere dealer or consult the manual.

Row Command John Deere

Pro-Shaft drive RowCommand planters

Frame-Mounted Coulter 

The frame-mounted coulter is ideal for penetrating tough soil; it works by cutting and displacing residue commonly found in no-till planting conditions.  There are two part numbers associated with this planter part: 1) the BN202605, which is associated with sprayers 4720, 473D, and 483D, and 2) the BN202429, associated with 4920 and 493D sprayer. For reference, the manual can be found here.

SeedStar™ XP

The SeedStar™ XP Monitoring System is part of the move to work smarter, not harder. With this tool, you can view information on seed singulation and seed spacing; you can also read all the data on a single screen and make changes and adjustments to your planting as you go. To learn more about integrating the SeedStar™ XP into your planting season, consult the manual or contact a John Deere dealer near you.

Central Insecticide System™

Close handling, central fill, and direct injection will ensure accuracy for each row or you field. The Central Insecticide System™ from John Deere is an easy and reliable solution for applying liquid insecticide. The sales manual can be found here; for any other questions, locate your dealer.

Liquid Storage Tanks

The liquid storage tanks are directly related to the central insecticide system, as they contain the insecticide. There are four different sizes of liquid storage tanks: 70 gallons, 300 gallons, 450 gallons, and 600 gallons. For more information on sizes and machine pairings, you can refer back to the Central Insecticide System™ manual.

Central Insecticide System™

Tractors are complicated machines with many components and the John Deere corn planter is no exception. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available to help navigate the many parts and attachments associated with the corn planter. In this post, we’ve listed some John Deere corn planter parts and included their manuals for reference. Luckily, there is always more support if need be in the form of your local John Deere dealers.

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