Enjoying Increased Versatility with John Deere Backhoe Attachments

May 22, 2019

John Deere has just announced that it is revealing a slew of new backhoe attachments for customers handling light construction, agriculture, landscaping, or utility work. The BH9B, BH10B, and BH11B can all be used with the John Deere G-Series skid steers and compact track loaders, and they are available now.

“With the growing need for work in compact spaces, these new backhoe attachments provide contractors, landscapers and agricultural material handlers with the power and variety to tackle any job efficiently and swiftly,” said Jason Simmons, attachments engineering supervisor, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “The new lineup of backhoe attachments is designed to provide power with improved hydraulics and sleek design to operators working across different job sites and applications.”

Exploring CommandARM Controls on Deere’s F4365 Nutrient Applicator

May 21, 2019

When you’re preparing for planting season, you know that you need reliable equipment to help you get your seeds in the ground and see the highest possible yield. John Deere has several pieces of machinery that can help you do just that. The John Deere F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator is one example of a machine that you can count on out in the field, and its CommandARM controls always hit the mark.The CommandARM controls on the John Deere F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator are specifically designed to reduce fatigue. This means no more long, grueling days behind the equipment out in the field. The controls themselves on the CommandARM are also specially made to limit the amount of time it takes to train operators on the machine – they are intuitive and easy-to-use.

Make Yard Cleanup a Breeze with John Deere Root Grapples

May 15, 2019

When you have an ample amount of yard work to do, you know that John Deere has the equipment you need to take on any challenge, whether you’re cleaning up dead tree branches or other debris. The 2025R Compact Utility Tractor, paired with the AV20 Series Root Grapples, are perfect for removing tree branches with ease.

Let’s take a look at the various features of the 2025R Compact Utility Tractor and the AV20 Series Root Grapples and how they can help you around the yard.

Taking a Closer Look at John Deere’s Environmental Impact

May 14, 2019

When it comes to the environment, John Deere takes its responsibility seriously. The company, which has equipment for everything ranging from agriculture to construction tasks, has developed a series of goals to ensure that it is always doing its part to help the planet.

Let’s take a look at John Deere’s environmental goals, how it follows through with its objectives, and what it does to ensure that its equipment is not having a negative impact on the planet.

Spring Field Maintenance: Get the Most Out of Your Agricultural Equipment

May 14, 2019

Spring is finally in full swing, with farmers having waited months and months for the winter weather to end. These same farmers are now beginning to think about planting and harvesting crops for next season. Despite this enthusiasm, however, many are now facing the result of less than ideal soil conditions which have been impacted further by the use of agricultural equipment. Some of these problems include ruts in the ground, amongst others.

Depending on where you live in the United States, the climate and terrain vary significantly, requiring farmers to think about new strategies for growing under these conditions. Luckily for these modern farmers, there is an extensive selection of agricultural equipment that helps to make this process easier, including the following:

Enjoying the Outdoors This Spring with These John Deere Items

May 8, 2019

There are a number of John Deere items that you can invest in this spring to show off your company pride and love of agriculture. Whether you want a new mailbox or pair of outdoor gloves, John Deere has it. Let’s take a look at some of the John Deere items you can buy this spring to celebrate the season.

9000 series Rural Style Mailbox with Tractor Topper

This mailbox comes with a tractor topper (a John Deere tractor, of course) to show the world your love of everything Deere. The mailbox itself comes in the sleek green and yellow company colors.

Discovering What the John Deere ExactEmerge Planter Can Do

May 7, 2019

When you’re on the hunt for a piece of equipment that can help you tackle even the largest planting jobs, you know you can turn to John Deere for help. The ExactEmerge planter, which debuted at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show, was specially designed to take on a wide array of planting jobs, whether you’re looking to cover a small plot of land or a large amount of acreage in one pass. Find out what this equipment is capable of by hearing it directly from John Deere customers.

Improve Performance with These John Deere Battery Maintenance Tips

May 1, 2019

Whether you’re operating a brand new riding mower from Deere or one you’ve had for years, battery maintenance is essential to keeping your equipment operating efficiently over time. Without taking the proper maintenance measures, your machine may eventually be unable to operate.

Let’s take a look at some battery maintenance measures you can take into account and how you can use these tips to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Inspecting and Cleaning Battery Terminals

Tackling Tough Ground with the John Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

April 30, 2019

Whether you’re taking on a large portion of land all at once or planning out a week’s worth of work, the 2430 Chisel Plow from John Deere can help you with the task at hand. The hydraulically adjusted knife-edge rolling baskets are specifically designed to shrug off rocks, break up clods, and leave a smooth field finish in one pass. The internal basket scrapers also reduce plugging and allow users to run the baskets 100 percent of the time for the utmost efficiency.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the 2430 Chisel Plow and how it can help you out in the field this season.

Learning What a Deere Compact Track Loader Can Do at Z Valley Grain

April 24, 2019

Having a farm to operate on a daily basis comes with a load of responsibilities. Mitch Zumbach and his father, Doran, know this – they own the Z Valley Grain farm near Coggon, Iowa, and they love what they do. With John Deere machinery on hand, they can continue their operations, regardless of what life throws their way.

“It’s always been difficult for me to run a skid steer or CTL,” says Mitch, who lost the use of his right arm in a childhood accident. “We had a competitor machine that we modified so I could use it, but that made it difficult for anyone else to run. My father often wondered if it might be possible with today’s technology to design a machine we could all use.”