Forward-thinking farmers always look for ways to make their harvests faster and more efficient. Upgraded with new equipment and features, the John Deere S7 Series combine delivers a productivity boost of up to 20% while using 10% less fuel than older models. Read on to discover how the new John Deere combines can help you reap the benefits of a faster, more efficient harvest.

What is a John Deere S7 Series Combine? 

The John Deere S7 Series Combine is a line of advanced harvesting equipment designed to optimize the harvesting process, making it faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective. These combines are built to tackle various agricultural demands, enhancing the capability to harvest crops with precision and minimal loss.

What Are the New 7 Series John Deere Combine Models?

The John Deere S7 Series offers four models suited for a range of agricultural use cases, from small fields to large agricultural enterprises or tough farming conditions.

John Deere S7 600

This model, powered by a 333 hp engine, is ideal for small to medium-sized operations. It’s designed to deliver reliability and efficiency in a slightly smaller package.

John Deere S7 700

The S7 700 steps it up with a 402 hp engine and provides more power for diverse agricultural demands. It’s an excellent choice for larger fields or tougher crop types.

John Deere S7 800

The S7 800 offers a powerful 473hp engine for farmers requiring robust performance and advanced handling capabilities.

John Deere S7 900

At the top of the line, the S7 900 features a whopping 543 hp engine, built for the most demanding harvesting environments and designed to deliver unmatched productivity.

What Are the Key Features of the New John Deere S7 Series Combines?

The S7 Series combines offer a number of features designed to make harvesting faster, easier, and more efficient. From a comfortable adjustable cab to a capacious cleaning shoe, here are some features you should know. 

TriStream™ Rotor

This rotor system efficiently threshes corn, beans, and coarse grain crops, even in difficult conditions. Advanced technology moves material through the combine harvester with less force, improving fuel efficiency without sacrificing speed or power.

Dyna-Flo™ Plus Cleaning Shoe

The Dyna-Flo™ maximizes cleaning capacity with an innovative two-step pre-cleaning process and extra-large sieve. Its design minimizes crop loss and boosts harvest quality, which is crucial during peak harvest season.

Active Concave Isolation

Available exclusively on the S800 and S900 models, this feature uses hydraulic pressure to stabilize the concave when harvesting tough crops or working in difficult conditions.

Quick and Easy Adjustable Cab

The cab provides unparalleled comfort and ease of control, designed to keep the operator focused and efficient throughout long working hours. For example, a multi-function lever lets you adjust the cutterbar’s platform tilt without leaving the cab, optimizing your cutting angle with ease.

ProDrive™ System

This system offers enhanced driving control in all terrain types, ensuring smooth operation and reduced stress on the operator. With maximum road speeds of nearly 25 mph (40 km/hr), you can get to your fields faster. 

Integrated Technologies

With tools like the Combine Advisor™ package, G5 Advanced License, JDLink™, and the John Deere Operations Center, the new S7 Series combines are equipped to deliver a highly intelligent, connected harvesting experience.

What Are the Key Specs of the New John Deere S7 Series Combines?

S7 Series combines come with various specifications that are tailored to enhance performance:

Engine Type

The new John Deere S7 Series combines are powered by two types of engines: the JD14 13.6L and the JD9 9L, both configured to meet Final Tier 4 standards. Their unique design delivers higher power at lower RPMs, boosting performance while improving fuel efficiency.

Rated Power

The series features a range of rated power, starting at 333hp (249 kW) in the S7 600 and reaching up to 543hp (405 kW) in the S7 900. This accommodates various harvesting needs, from small family farms to large-scale agricultural operations.

Fuel Capacity

The S7 600 and S7 700 have a fuel capacity of 250 gal (950 L), while the larger S7 800 and S7 900 boast a 350 gal (1,250 L) capacity. All models in this series are engineered to utilize fuel economically while minimizing environmental impacts, aligning with modern sustainable agriculture.

Rotor Length

All S7 Series combines have a rotor length of 123 in. (312 cm). 

Rotor Diameter

All S7 Series combines have a rotor diameter of 30 in. (76.2 cm). 

Concave Area

The 11.8-square-foot (1.1 m2) concave area on each S7 Series combine is engineered to minimize grain loss, ensuring that every kernel possible is harvested and processed.

Separating Area

The S900 and S800 have a separating area of 21.4 sq. ft. (1.99 m2), while the S700 and S600 boast 20.5 sq. ft. (1.9 m2) and 16.6 sq. ft. (1.54 m2), respectively.

Total Cleaning Area (Louvered)

The S7 Series offers capacious cleaning areas that deliver high-quality grain output critical for marketable crops. The S600 and S700 boast a total cleaning area of 54.9 sq. ft. (5.1 m2), while the S800 and S900 offer 63.5 sq. ft. (5.9 m2). 

Grain Tank Size

Grain tank sizes are substantial across the S7 Series, which helps minimize unloading stops and keeps the harvest process moving swiftly. The S600 and S700 offer a 300-bu. (10,057 L) grain tank, while the S800 and S900 clock in at 400 bu. (14,095 L).

Peak Unloading Rate

The S7 Series’ high peak unloading rates reduce the time you spend unloading grain, expediting the overall harvest operation. The S600 boasts a 3.6 bu/s (126.8 L/s) peak unload rate, while the other models max out at 4.2 bu/s (148 L/s).

Where Can I Find John Deere S7 Series Combines?

Whether you operate a small farm or manage a large agricultural enterprise, the S7 Series combines can make your next harvest your most productive ever. From fuel efficiency features to enhanced cleaning and threshing capacity, these machines have what it takes to make your operation more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Contact your local John Deere dealer to learn how the S7 Series Combines can transform your harvest for the better.

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