For John Deere, settling for “good enough” simply doesn’t cut it. The storied company is always innovating new technologies and solutions to help farmers get the job done faster, more efficiently, and for less. 

This ethos was the driving force behind developing John Deere’s 2025 lineup, which was showcased at the 2024 Commodity Classic trade show in Houston. The lineup, which includes the 9RX Series tractors, C-Series air carts, See & Spray™ Premium, and the S7 Series combines, underscores John Deere’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of agricultural machinery to empower their customers to do more in a given day.

Let’s explore the key features of the John Deere 2025 lineup.

What is the Commodity Classic Trade Show?

The Commodity Classic trade show is America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused agricultural and educational experience. Featuring education sessions, technology demonstrations, visionary thought leaders, and unparalleled energy, it’s the epicenter of agricultural innovation. The trade show recently became the backdrop for John Deere’s announcement of its 2025 lineup, where the company revealed the next generation of agricultural equipment that promises to enhance farming practices.

What Are the 2025 John Deere Cutting-Edge Equipment Announced?

John Deere unveiled several new pieces of cutting-edge equipment, including:

2025 John Deere 9RX Series Tractors

The introduction of the 9RX Series tractors, powered by the JD18 engine, marks a significant leap forward in tractor technology. This Final Tier 4/Stage V-compliant 18-liter engine uses exhaust-gas recirculation technology, eliminating the need for costly diesel exhaust fluid.

With up to 830 horsepower, 168 gallons per minute of hydraulic capacity, and up to 84,000 pounds of ballast, these tractors combine brute strength with precision engineering, making them a formidable force for large-scale farming. The new tractor lineup includes three new high-horsepower four-track models: the 9RX 710, the 9RX 770, and the 9RX 830

2025 John Deere C-Series Air Carts

The C-Series air carts improve seeding productivity and effectiveness with their sophisticated design and innovative features. These carts are built with corrosion-resistant AccuRate™ stainless steel meters and feature the EZCal™ system, simplifying calibration to reduce maintenance and downtime.

The lineup spans various capacities, from the compact C350L to the expansive C850T, to accommodate farming operations of all sizes and needs. Advanced features like the John Deere ActiveCal™ in-cab calibration system offer real-time adjustments, optimizing performance across difficult terrains and weather conditions. This commitment to precision and efficiency cements the C-Series Air Carts as essential tools for modern planting.

2025 John Deere See & Spray™ Premium

John Deere’s See & Spray™ Premium on model-year 2025 Hagie STS sprayers revolutionizes weeding with cutting-edge AI-powered capabilities. This smart system employs boom-mounted cameras that scan the field, distinguishing weeds from crops. Upon detection, precise commands are sent to individual ExactApply™ nozzles, targeting weeds with unmatched accuracy.

This selective spraying approach reduces herbicide consumption by more than 50% and minimizes crop stress and environmental impact. Paired with the John Deere Operations Center, See & Spray™ Premium equips farmers with insights into each application and cost savings. 

2025 John Deere S7 Series Combines

The S7 Series combines are set to redefine harvesting. The S7 600, S7 700, S7 800, and S7 900 combines are powered by the robust JD14 13.6L or JD9 9L engines, which both adhere to Final Tier 4 standards. Their design focuses on high power at lower RPMs, enhancing all-conditions performance and ensuring reliability.

The S7 Series is also all about smart power. With features like an updated high-efficiency residue management system and an adjustable unloading spout, these combines offer a new level of harvesting efficiency whether you’re a small farm or a large-scale operation. 

What Features Do 2025 John Deere Equipment Solutions Have?

In addition to the key specifications mentioned above, each piece of equipment in the 2025 John Deere lineup includes innovative features, such as:

9RX Series Tractors

  • Autonomy Ready: Ushering in the future, these track tractors will offer an autonomy-ready option that provides all the hardware, software, and safety features needed for efficient and precise autonomous operations.
  • Industry-Leading 830-Horsepower Model: An 830-horsepower engine also ensures farmers can easily conquer even the most challenging terrains and tasks.

C-Series Air Carts

  • AccuRate™ Meters: Farmers have to replace their standard meters every three years, which can be quite expensive. Fashioned from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and composite materials, The C-Series’ AccuRate™ air carts are also designed to withstand abrasive fertilizers and everyday wear and tear longer.

See & Spray™ Premium

  • AI-Enabled: See & Spray™ Premium is an AI-powered system that activates individual spray nozzles when the boom-mounted camera identifies weeds. This significantly reduces herbicide use while maintaining crop health and yield. 

S7 Series Combines

  • New Fuel-Efficient Engines: Improvements to the S7 Series engines will help bring emissions down to Final Tier 4 standards. It will also reduce the fuel consumption by 10%. This environmentally friendly solution helps improve efficiency without sacrificing power.
  • Cutting-Edge Automation Features: The combines offer three unique automation packages that allow operators to focus on the task at hand. Also, customers can choose between ground speed automation, harvest settings automation, or predictive ground speed automation.
  • Updated Systems: The new combines also feature an improved grain loss monitoring system that is up to three times more accurate than the previous iteration. Located in the base, it detects grain loss at cleaning shoes and the separator and displays these insights on the in-cab display so operators can adjust quickly.

Discover the 2025 John Deere Cutting-Edge Equipment Solutions

John Deere’s unveiling of its 2025 lineup highlights its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. As the agricultural community looks ahead, these advancements promise a new era of precision and productivity to uplevel farmers’ operations.

To learn more about the 2025 John Deere equipment solutions, visit the website or contact your local John Deere dealer.

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