The John Deere 600 Series Flex Header lets you cut lower, move faster and get the job done quicker. What’s the best part? You won’t have to sacrifice crop quality in the process of doing so.

John Deere Flex Header

Customers have options with the 600FD HydraFlex Draper family – 30-foot, 35-foot, 40-foot or 45-foot drapers. This lineup features a wider feed section, increased speed, shorter end dividers, and extra torque to take on even more crop.

In an effort to give you an overview of the key features and benefits of the 600 Series HydraFlex lineup, we put together this video gallery. Enjoy!

600 Series HydraFlex™ Draper Platform

The John Deere HydraFlex Draper comes in four options – the 630FD, 635FD, 640FD and 645FD. This flex header maximizes the S-Series Combine performance for both soybeans and small grains. Watch this walk-around video to get the details on key product features.

600 Series Flex Draper Platform

Even at faster ground speeds, operators can vary the ground pressure on the go, without impacting the cut height. The cutting system on this John Deere flex header allows operators to harvest faster to better utilize the full capacity of the S-Series Combine.

Learn more about how the 600 Series HydraFlex Draper allows for greater capacity in the combine for soybeans and small grains.

John Deere 600FD HydraFlex™ in Action

The 600 Series HydraFlex Draper Platform provides 7.5 inches of flexibility across the full width of the cutter bar. The unique feature of on-the-go adjustability helps to ensure maximum crop savings in all ground conditions.

Watch this video to see how this John Deere flex header helps overcome variable ground conditions and maintain superior cutting efficiency.

John Deere HydraFlex™ Draper Advantage

In 2016, John Deere expanded the flex header family by offering one in a 45-foot length – the 645FD. With so many HydraFlex Drapers available in the marketplace, it’s important that customers are aware of the differences.

So, what makes the John Deere HydraFlex Draper unique from the competition? Check out this video to learn the top three reasons why and how it gives you the best performance at the lowest cost of operation.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, the 600 Series HydraFlex Draper can help you better handle tough crop conditions, complete tasks quicker, and cut operation costs. We hope our video gallery helped you recognize the many benefits of these John Deere flex headers.

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