John Deere Combine Harvesters

Year after year John Deere launches extraordinary combine harvesters that will make harvesting simpler and more accurate than ever. is the perfect place to find used John Deere combines that get the job done.

John Deere Combines deliver a perfect balance of power, stability, and consistency with every pass. With over 100 years of engineering, the John Deere Combines are the most powerful harvesting equipment on the market.

The JD combines are guaranteed to rise to any occasion. Whether you have simple harvesting tasks or a strenuous workload, these tough models can do more than just row your crop!

Many STS Combines can provide hands free harvesting with ™AutoTrac  ™RowSense giving the driver the ability to catch up on important office work. This system is perfect for harvesting corn as it uses GPS and Mechanical sensors to stay on an accurate course.

The John Deere Combine STS models include:

Machinefinder allows you to view exceptional combine models that can handle high productivity on all levels of terrains. The John Deere combines continue to outperform the competition in sloping conditions and provide excellent harvesting up and down hills. The John Deere Pro Drive System which is available on 9770 STS and 9870 STS models will automatically shift as the ground conditions change, helping you maintain your  ideal speed.  Other STS models include.

In The Field

You can count on the John Deere STS combine harvester to stay on course with legendary productivity. These combines are easy to use, maneuver well through difficult terrain, and have the ability to reduce grain loss. John Deere’s durable combine models can even operate on side hills with a slope of 14%.

The John Deere S-Series combines not only add muscle and brains to your farming operation but they are also built with sleek, functional designs. These combines give the operator a front row seat to the harvesting process.  John Deere also continues to increase the cab size on STS models making these personal work spaces more comfortable than ever. The inside of the cab is very user friendly as controls are easily accessible, and well labeled.

John Deere is an innovator of farming equipment and continues its excellence in the agricultural industry.

John Deere 9650 Combine

Used John Deere 9650 Combine
Learn more about the John Deere 9650 Combine

John Deere 9660 Combine

Used John Deere 9660 Combine
Learn more about the John Deere 9660 Combine

John Deere 9670 Combine

Used John Deere 9670 Combine
Learn more about the John Deere 9670 Combine

John Deere 9760 Combine

Used John Deere 9760 Combine
Learn more about the John Deere 9760 Combine

John Deere 9770 Combine

Used John Deere 9770 Combine
Learn more about the John Deere 9770 Combine

John Deere 9860 Combine

Used John Deere 9860 Combine
Learn more about the John Deere 9860 Combine

John Deere 9870 Combine

Used John Deere 9870 Combine
Learn more about the John Deere 9870 Combine

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