The John Deere 9650 STS combine is a powerful piece of agricultural equipment, designed to optimize efficiency and performance in the field. From its cutting-edge technology to its versatile applications across different types of crops, this combine provides a series of benefits for farmers. Keep reading to learn more about the John Deere 9650 STS combine, including its features, benefits, and similar models.

What is the John Deere 9650 STS Combine?

The John Deere 9650 STS combine is a versatile piece of agricultural equipment that comes equipped with legendary John Deere engineering. The 9650 STS combine features a powerful engine, advanced separating mechanisms, a spacious cab, and precise control and monitoring throughout the entire harvesting process.

Used John Deere STS CombinesWhat Does STS Mean for John Deere Combines?

STS refers to the Single Tine Separator, which is an advanced technology used in John Deere combines to separate grain from straw and chaff during the harvesting process. 

What Types of Crops Can the 9650 Combine Harvest?

The 9650 STS model is great for harvesting barley, canola, canary, coriander, corn, flaxseed, lentils, oats, peas, rice, soybeans, and more!

What Are the Features and Key Specs of the John Deere 9650 Combine?

The 9650 STS combine accompanies a long line of John Deere combines that have transformed the farming industry over the last century. This remarkable piece of farming equipment is built with a 290 horsepower PowerTech™ engine and a 250-bushel grain tank. 

The John Deere 9650 combine is durable and ensures the most efficient harvesting of your crops. With easy and adjustable settings, anyone can improve their crop production. Year after year, John Deere farming techniques are improved and the JD 9650 STS is a prime example of John Deere excellence. Some of the most notable specs of the John Deere 9650 combine include:

  • 6 Cylinder Engine
  • 210 gal Fuel Capacity
  • 6081H Engine Model
  • 290 hp Engine
  • 241hp Power Boost Power
  • 1860in Separator Length
  • 580in2 Discharge Grate Area

What Are the Benefits of Using the John Deere 9650 Combine?

With the John Deere 9650 in your fleet, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your crop. Here are some of the main benefits of using the John Deere 9650 combine.

Reduced Grain Loss

With minimal grain loss you will have the ability to harvest more crops with less time wasted on double passes. With fewer passes and more materials collected, you will spend less time on labor, reduce equipment usage, reduce fuel costs, and shorten your overall time in the field.

Easy to Maneuver and User Friendly 

This 9650 line of John Deere combines is extremely user-friendly and will become a great companion to any operator.  The 9650 maneuvers well and has enough power to muscle through long days of labor. With exceptional engineering, the 9650 combine will harvest up and down hills with exceptional control.

Ability to Program Speed

Whether you are on a slope or on flat ground, the John Deere 9650 will maintain its programmed speed. By creating efficient farming equipment, farmers are guaranteed to reduce crop loss during the extraction process. 

Quality Design & Materials

With unmatched materials, farmers can feel confident that their farming equipment won’t rust or break down.

What Are the Different Types of John Deere Combines?

John Deere offers a variety of combine harvester models designed to meet the individual needs of each user. Here are some of the different types of John Deere combines, featured in the STS collection:

Where to Find the John Deere 9650 STS Combine?

Ready to improve your farm’s efficiency and productivity with the John Deere 9650 STS combine? You can find all different types of John Deere combines on MachineFinder. Alternatively, if you have additional questions about the John Deere 9650 STS Combine, contact your local John Deere dealer for more information. 

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John Deere 9650 STS Combine FAQs

What Year Was the John Deere 9650 STS Combine Made?

The 9650 STS combine was made from 2000-2003. 

How Much Does a 9650 Combine Weigh?

The operating weight of a 9650 combine is approximately 29,260 pounds. Of course when attachments are added, this increases the overall weight of the combine. 

What is the Horsepower of the 9650 Combine?

The 9670 combine is built with a 290 horsepower PowerTech™ engine.