If you’re in the business of producing crops, chances are, you either own or are interested in owning a new or used combine. For more than 80 years, John Deere has been producing these machines to arm farmers with the technology and specific features that best fit their operation’s needs.


What is the Most Powerful John Deere Combine in 2023?

The John Deere X9 1100 is the most powerful John Deere combine, as of 2023. With a 690 horsepower PowerTech PWS engine and 53 horsepower booster, this combine makes it easy to harvest more bushels per hour, more acres per day, lower harvesting costs, and improve production efficiency. 

A Complete Guide of John Deere Combines

While you could learn all about John Deere combines by scouring through pages and pages of brochures and product manuals, we wanted to take the time to make combine identification a bit simpler by putting together a visual guide and brief specs of each. This post features photos that correspond with some of the most popular John Deere combine models. Enjoy!

John Deere 6620

The John Deere 6620 Combine has a 123 horsepower engine, 4 wheel-drive, and hydrostatic power steering that powers this model to deliver a high-performing utility tractor for any occasion. 


John Deere 7720

The John Deere 7720 is a 4×4 MFWD 4 wheel-drive, with hydraulic wet disc brakes, and a 20-speed partial power shift. 


John Deere 7721

The John Deere 7721 is a transverse-mounted power combine with a tangential threshing cylinder, straw walkers, and a cleaning shoe. 

Screenshot (2

John Deere 8820

The John Deere 8820 is transverse-mounted and self-propelled combine with concave, tangential threshing cylinder, cleaning shoe, and straw walkers.


John Deere 9400

The John Deere 9400 is a 12.5L 6-cyl diesel engine, with hydrostatic power steering, and hydraulic wet disc brakes. 


John Deere 9500

The John Deere 9500 is a self-propelled combine with a transverse-mounted, tangential threshing cylinder, straw walkers, concave, rear beater, and a cleaning shoe. 

Screenshot (1)

John Deere 9560W

The John Deere 9560W is a high-performance combine with the ability to crop in any condition. The 9560 has a 237 horsepower engine and a cutting width of 14’.


John Deere 9600

The John Deere 9600 Combine has a 616 horsepower engine, with a travel speed of 40 km/h, HH power steering, and a 14’ cutting platform.


John Deere 9410

The John Deere 9410 is the biggest machine segment from the 4 wheel-drive combine category. The 9410 combine 23’ x 14’ x 12’ model has air-conditioning, ISO bus, and cabin.


John Deere 9510

The John Deere 9510 is a 9510 R 16.361t 4 wheel-drive combine with a 502 horsepower engine and is considered one of the biggest machine segments of any 4 wheel-drive combine.


 John Deere 9610

The John Deere 9610 is a hydrostatic 2 wheel-drive model with 275 horsepower, diesel engine, and 3 gear shifts.


 John Deere 9450

The John Deere 9450 is a 2 wheel-drive Combine with hydrostatic transmission, straw walker separation, standard horsepower, and Standard rear axle.


 John Deere 9550

The John Deere 9550 is a 2 wheel-drive hydrostatic Combine with 218.6 horsepower, 3 gear shifts, and a diesel engine.


 John Deere 9650

The John Deere 9650 Combine has a 290 horsepower PowerTech™ engine, 250-bushel grain tank, with versatile harvesting capabilities that ensure the most efficient harvesting of your crops. 


 John Deere 9650 CTS

The John Deere 9650 CTS is a 4 wheel-drive Combine with 290 horsepower, diesel engine, with a 610 cm unloading auger length. 

9650 CTS

 John Deere 9650 STS

The John Deere 9650 STS is a 290 horsepower PowerTech™ engine with a 250-bushel grain tank. This Combine is perfect for harvesting corn, flaxseed, lentils, etc. 

9650 STS

 John Deere 9750 STS

The John Deere 9750 STS is a 3 gear Combine with a 290 horsepower 6 cylinder engine, 12 V electrical system, and 6081H engine model.

9750 STS

 John Deere 9560 STS

The John Deere 9560 STS is a high-performance Combine a part of the 60 Series STS line. Its Single Tine Separator (STS) system makes for easy crop handling while providing top-quality harvested grain.

9560 STS

 John Deere 9660 STS

The John Deere 9660 STS is a 340 horsepower PowerTech™ engine suitable for all field conditions. This Combine can maintain a programmed speed throughout harvesting while unloading into a partner vehicle.

9660 STS

 John Deere 9660W

The John Deere 9660W is a 305 horsepower engine with a 338 horsepower booster, and 6 walker power separator.


 John Deere 9660 WTS

The John Deere 9660 WTS is a 305 horsepower engine with a 338 horsepower booster, 520rpm feeding conveyor speed, and 6 walker power separator.

9660 WTS

 John Deere 9760 STS

The John Deere 9760 STS Combine is a 339.3 horsepower engine with 372.9 PowerBoost, rotary separator, and 300.9 bushels of grain tank capacity.

9760 STS

 John Deere 9860 STS

The John Deere 9860 STS has a 375 horsepower PowerTech™ engine, with built-in sensors that automatically adjust its harvesting height to extract the most from your field.

9860 STS

 John Deere 9570 STS

The John Deere 9570 STS Combine has a 265 horsepower PowerTech™ engine, with a rotary separator, and an operating speed of 2400 rpms.

9570 STS

 John Deere 9670 STS

The John Deere 9670 STS Combine boasts a 305 horsepower, 6 cylinder engine, and is known for its Single Tine Separation System (STS).

9670 STS

 John Deere 9770 STS

The John Deere 9770 STS Combine has a PowerTechTM Plus 9.0L engine with 360 horsepower and a power bulge of 385 horsepower.


 John Deere 9870 STS

The John Deere 9870 STS Combine has a 440 horsepower engine and 471 horsepower power bulge with a PowerTech™ Plus 13.5L base and 9870 STS™.

9870 STS

 John Deere CTS

The John Deere CTS provides superior crop handling performance, excellent quality of harvested grains, and higher levels of productivity.


John Deere C670

The John Deere C670 has a 400 horsepower engine, a 10,000 L-grain bunker, hydraulic transmission, and 3 gear shifts. This combine can also be installed with HarvestSmart, AutoTrac, and HarvestDoc systems.

Screenshot (3

 John Deere S550

The John Deere S550 Combine is a 6 cylinder, 270.9 horsepower engine with rotary separators and 252.6 bu grain tank capacity. 


John Deere S650

The John Deere S650 Combine has a 300 horsepower engine, cast iron conveyor slate, 250-bushel grain tank, and a high-performance S-Series cleaning system that reduces slope sensitivity.


 John Deere S660

The John Deere S660 Combine has a 325 horsepower engine with 2 wheel-drive, 3 gears, and 10,600 L-grain tank size.


 John Deere S670

The John Deere S670 is a high-performance S-Series cleaning system with flexible cab options, ProDrive™ propulsion system, and a 300-bushel (10,600-L) S-Series grain tank.


 John Deere S680

The John Deere S680 Combine features an advanced variable stream rotor threshing, high-performance Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning system, and active tailings return.


 John Deere S690

The John Deere S690 is a 528 horsepower engine with hillside leveling, 14,100 L-grain tank size, and is considered to be one of the more powerful machine segments in the combine harvesters category.


 John Deere T670

The John Deere T670 Combine is a 15.29t machine with a 400 horsepower engine, single-point feederhouse latching, mass-flow sensor, and reel resume in-cab control. 


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