Acre-after-acre, the John Deere combine has helped farmers harvest high quality crop by combining the most useful and innovative elements into each machine. Every component is designed to provide consistent performance in the field. By incorporating certain combine platform parts and attachments, farmers can operate at top performance and unleash the combine’s full capabilities, all while lengthening the machine’s life.

Combine Platform

We’ve put together a list of 8 ways that farmers can improve combine platform performance and face any challenging field conditions head on.

Feederhouse Drum Stop Height Adjustment Kit

The kit allows for a simple change of the combine’s front feederhouse drum height. The operator can easily detach the retaining pin and place the left and right hand levers to the proper place for small grain and corn. The best part is, there is absolutely no need for tools in this quick and stress-free process.

High-Torque Variable-Speed Feederhouse Drive

Harvesting at faster ground speeds can help reach higher volumes, which can be done by reaching the higher-capacity drive power needed. While the standard variable feederhouse drive brought great innovation to the field, the high-torque variable speed feederhouse drive incorporates heavier belts, larger gears, shafts and bearings to boost combine platform performance.

High-Wear Rifled Threshing Elements

These high-wear rifles threshing elements feature a special Gopalite coating to protect against wear and tear on the machine. Being 25 percent harder than chrome, these elements are perfect for rough crop conditions like rice and other difficult to thresh crops.

Combine Platform

Two Speed 4WD Conversion Kit

Imagine being able to go from a two-wheel drive to a two speed, four-wheel drive system? This alteration kit allows operators to easily change back and forth from two rear wheel torque choices to provide a more versatile experience on the field.

Severe-Duty Water Fuel Separator

This combine platform attachment will help delay service intervals while protecting the fuel system from any possible harm. This could be greatly beneficial when operating in regions where fuel quality is a main concern.

AutoTrac RowSense Universal Kit

This universal kit works on almost any combine platform to help farmers and operators take their corn harvesting ability to a higher level. By combining GPS information from the StarFire system with findings from the universal AutoTrac row sensor, great productivity can be achieved while diminishing operator fatigue.

Combine Platform

Engine Air Scoop

The engine air scoop is intended to infuse clean air into the combine engine to help in keep up a clean engine platform and increase the machine’s life. It also works to stop any measurable backlog on the radiator, oil cooler, and air-charge cooler.

Battery Boost Terminal Kit

Last but not least, the battery terminal kit can greatly help in improving combine platform productivity, as it eases the strain of having to charge the machine’s battery. Without this, the operator must carry a battery charger and booster cable up on the ladder to jump-start the batter. It is much easier to charge with the battery booster kit located in practical location at ground level.

Hopefully this list has help in realizing the many possible ways that farmers can improve the use of their combine platform by incorporating parts and attachments into everyday routines. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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