As equipment ages and new models are introduced, farmers face a dilemma. Should they invest in efficient and powerful new machinery? Or save their money by continuing to use their existing equipment, even though it may put them behind their competitors? Luckily, there’s a middle ground for John Deere combine parts users: Precision upgrades.

Precision upgrades are the key to helping you get the most out of what you already own, providing cutting-edge technology enhancements at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. John Deere offers seven unique precision upgrades for its harvest combine, helping farmers reduce grain loss and yield more. By learning about John Deere’s various precision upgrade options and their benefits, you can choose the combine enhancements that are right for your needs.

John Deere Harvest Precision Upgrades: An Overview

Precision upgrades help strengthen the return on your investment in John Deere machinery, improving its productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. These enhancements take advantage of sensors, automation, and data so you can better monitor, manage, and maximize your operations. John Deere offers seven harvest upgrades and additional enhancements for sprayers and planters to help farmers do more on harvest day.  

Advantages of Precision Upgrades in John Deere Combine Parts

There are several advantages to investing in precision upgrades for John Deere harvest combines. These upgrades can help to improve the performance of your equipment in several ways, including:

Improved Efficiency

The fundamental goal of any precision upgrade is to enhance the efficiency of your machinery. In the case of John Deere combines, these upgrades optimize various functions of the combine, resulting in smoother operations, reduced delays, and increased throughput.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime caused by equipment breakdowns can be a significant concern during the hectic harvest season. Precision upgrades can mitigate this issue by making your harvest combine less likely to break. For example, the cross auger shutoff automatically empties the unloading auger, reducing wear and tear during start-up and decreasing breakdowns caused by torque-related issues.

Reduced Grain Loss

Precision upgrades also address the critical issue of grain loss. With innovations like the grain saver belts upgrade, you can cut cutter bar loss by 25%. This means more of your hard-earned crops make it into the bins and not onto the ground, contributing to improved profitability.


Investing in precision upgrades requires an upfront cost, but the long-term benefits translate to substantial cost savings. These upgrades offer a solid return on investment over the harvest seasons by minimizing downtime, reducing grain loss, and optimizing efficiency.

7 Latest Precision Upgrades in John Deere Combine Parts

While all precision upgrades will boost your combine’s performance, choosing the enhancements that will best serve your needs is important. The following seven precision upgrades are available for the John Deere harvest combines:

Cross Auger Shutoff

The cross auger shutoff automatically empties your unloading auger, creating less torque on the chain and unloading sprocket at start-up. This upgrade ensures that every ounce of grain is emptied of the unloading auger when shut off from the cab. It not only reduces auger weight but also minimizes wear and tear on the system, all while reducing grain dribble loss in the field. It’s available for the S700 series combines.

Adjustable Auger Spout

Compatible with the S700 series combines, the adjustable auger spout allows operators to adjust auger positions for various-sized grain carts and trailers right from the cab. This enhances unloading efficiency by reducing the time it takes to empty grain. This precision upgrade also minimizes grain spillage, helping maximize your yield while preventing volunteer crops from taking root. 

Remote Separator Grate Covers

Remote separator grate covers save you from the tedious and sometimes dirty task of opening and closing grates manually. This upgrade available for the X series combines lets you adjust grates from your CommandCenter™ display without stepping out of the cab. The result? Improved grain quality without the hassle. 

Short Points

Tight turns and maneuverability are crucial for a harvest combine, especially in curved rows. Short points offer shorter snouts for better in-crop turning radius and are available for the 2012 and newer 600C, 700C, CF, and CR 30-in corn heads. This precision upgrade allows you to speed through curves while preserving crops. 

LED Lights

Harvest doesn’t wait for daylight, and that’s where the LED light upgrade shines. Specially designed for improved visibility, these 18 LED lights are brighter and longer-lasting, cutting through dust and darkness. Plus, the row finder light can be directed precisely where needed. The LED lights precision upgrade is available for the 2012, and newer S700 and S600 series combines.

Grain Saver Belts

This precision upgrade addresses cutter bar loss head-on. With a unique crosshair design, grain saver belts trap grain and send it to the grain tank, reducing cutter bar loss by up to 25%. These tools help farmers with 1,500 acres save up to $1,240 annually and are compatible with specific headers. 

Side Knives

When harvesting high-yielding canola fields, the side knives precision upgrade improves efficiency and yield. It cuts through the crop vertically, preventing the header from getting tangled, and also allows you to maintain a constant speed during harvesting. Your dealer can work with you to determine your front-end equipment’s compatibility.

Commonly Asked Questions About John Deere Combine Parts

How Do Precision Upgrades Improve the Performance of John Deere Combines?

Precision upgrades optimize various aspects of combine operation, from reducing grain loss and downtime to enhancing overall efficiency. These upgrades are designed to make your harvesting operations smoother, more productive, and more cost-effective in the long run. 

Are Precision Upgrades Compatible with All Models of John Deere Combines?

While many upgrades are designed for specific series or models, John Deere continuously works to expand compatibility. Working with your John Deere dealer to assess each upgrade’s compatibility with your combine’s make and model is important.

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Choose the Right Precision Upgrade for Your John Deere Combines

New technology is for more than just new equipment. Combine precision upgrades are an investment in your operations, helping to maximize your yields and profitability without new machinery. So, when optimizing your John Deere combine’s performance, think of precision upgrades and reap the rewards of a more efficient and productive harvest season.

Harvest combine precision upgrades are available through authorized John Deere dealerships and distributors. Your dealer can work with you to assess the compatibility of each upgrade. To find your nearest dealer, check out the John Deere locator.

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