As farmers plan out their harvesting seasons, ensuring the equipment can handle anything, even less than ideal field conditions, is key. Recent John Deere combine updates include features such as a new track system, new 700FD HydraFlex Drapers, and the MyOperations App. By utilizing these upgrades, operators will ensure that they are being as efficient as possible and making the most out of their equipment.

John Deere S700 Combine

With these features working together, farmers will experience better ride quality and more versatility as well as having the ability to make adjustments to settings right from their mobile device. Let’s take a closer look at these three John Deere S700 Combine updates.

Suspension Track System

John Deere S700 Combine customers have the option of a suspension track system available with either 30 or 36-inch wide belts. These belts, as well as the addition of a suspension cylinder and tandem bogie wheels, enable improved ride quality, floatation, and durability. Operators will also benefit from an enhanced transport speed that can reach up to 25 mph when moving from one field to the next.

Flex Draper Header

New 700FD HydraFlex Drapers come with the option for an 18-inch top crop auger which boosts productivity within any type of field, including those that contain crops such as canola. Other significant features within this John Deere combine update include an optional seal kit, dual V-guide belt, a grooved front edge for improved crop flow, and a belt life that lasts up to four years longer. With the ability to adjust the header position automatically, operators will also see an improvement in ground sensing on an inconsistent terrain.

MyOperations Mobile App

Combine settings can be easily viewed and adjusted remotely by using the MyOperations app from any mobile device. As conditions change throughout the day, customers are able to make modifications from their device as needed and simply accept on the in-cab display when ready to use.

To learn more about these updates, watch the video below.

New Combine Updates

When planning out the harvest season, taking advantage of features such as these can truly make all the difference. We hoped you enjoyed learning about these three John Deere combine updates.

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