Earlier this year, John Deere introduced four new S700 combine models for 2018. Each model has significant improvements in “smart” technology and includes the 700C/FC Series Corn Heads and 700D Drapers for more efficient grain harvesting. The combines are also able to make automated adjustments while in action, making life easier for the operator.

Let’s take a look at some of these new features in action and how to set them up with the videos below.

John Deere Combine Go Harvest: S700 Ready to Harvest Guide

Getting the most out of the technology you invest in is important to John Deere. This quick display set up guide explains where to start the set-up process and a few key features to immediately take advantage of. For example, you can select the client, farm, and the field your combine is working in. Based on the crop you’re harvesting, the display lets you choose certain settings such as the number of corn heads being used or “wet” or “dry” conditions.

John Deere Combine GoHarvest: S700 Command Center

The CommandCenter is where you, the operator, sits. The features of the CommandCenter are similar to that of the S600 series but with functions designed to improve the operator experience and harvesting productivity. This video walks you through the various dashboard controls so you know where to find everything when it comes time to begin harvesting.

John Deere Combine GoHarvest: S700 Interactive Combine Adjust

Every operator has their own priorities for their harvest and this video guide explains how to set up the Interactive Combine Adjustment to your specifications. The display allows you to decide what your priorities are and areas you want to optimize such as grain loss. Throughout your optimization session, the display will ask for feedback to determine if your settings are meeting your priorities. Based on your answers, it will continue to provide suggestions on options for improvement.

John Deere Combine GoHarvest: S700 Integrated Combine Adjustment 2

The Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) 2 is similar in features to the original, except for one key feature exclusive to ICA2 – Auto Maintain. This feature allows you to maintain the performance target throughout the day by automatically making adjustments to things like fan speed threshing speed. The S700 display is equipped with a camera that allows you to see what you’re harvesting and if you need to adjust your Auto-Maintain settings.

John Deere Combine GoHarvest: S700 HarvestSmart

The S700 combines just got even smarter with improved technology called HarvestSmart, which is an adaptive control system designed to automate ground speed control during a harvesting operation. This video explains how to set it up and the two modes it can operate in. The first, Smart Mode, is used when grain loss is your top priority. The second, Capacity Mode, is when throughput is your top priority.

John Deere Combine GoHarvest: S700 Active Terrain Adjustment

Customers that harvest on inconsistent terrains are often concerned about mitigating grain loss and maximizing productivity. The Active Terrain Adjustment system improves machine performance while harvesting in both up-hill and down-hill terrain, thus reducing grain loss and time spent. This video explains how to set up the system and the various features of it.

Designed for the User: John Deere’s S700 Series

John Deere designs products and equipment with their users in mind. The operator experience and producing a quality harvest are as important to us as they are to you. We hope these video guides improve your experience while using your combine.

For more information about the S700 Series, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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