Modern agriculture is constantly evolving, and John Deere is leading the way with its latest innovation. The John Deere See and Spray Premium upgrade for sprayers offers cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes how farmers manage weeds. This customizable solution is a worthwhile investment, allowing for targeted in-season weed control that leads to cleaner fields in the long run.

What is John Deere See and Spray Premium?

The John Deere See & Spray™ Premium is an AI-powered weed-sensing system that uses boom-mounted cameras to detect and target weeds in real-time. The system activates individual spray nozzles only when weeds are detected, minimizing herbicide usage and maximizing efficiency. See & Spray Premium builds on previous precision agriculture technologies, offering an even more effective crop management solution.

What is the John Deere Hagie STS Sprayer?

The John Deere Hagie STS sprayer is a self-propelled sprayer designed for modern agricultural operations, particularly with its See and Spray Premium upgrade for model year 2025. This upgrade integrates advanced cameras and AI to identify and target weeds in real time, activating individual spray nozzles only when needed. This precise weed management reduces herbicide use and costs, minimizing environmental impact and crop stress.

The Hagie STS Sprayer also features a John Deere G5 Plus display and an Integrated StarFire™ 7500 receiver, offering advanced guidance, documentation, and automation features. This streamlines spraying operations and enables comprehensive data collection and analysis through the John Deere Operations Center™, helping farmers track their operations and chemical savings.

What Are the Benefits of Using John Deere See and Spray Premium?

The John Deere See and Spray Premium upgrade offers a range of benefits for agricultural operations, making it an invaluable tool for modern farmers. Here’s how See & Spray™ Premium can optimize the weed management process. 

Reduced Post-Herbicide Use

By identifying weeds and targeting them directly, the John Deere See and Spray Premium reduces herbicide use by more than 50% compared to traditional spraying. This targeted approach not only cuts down on chemical costs but also minimizes environmental impact.

Improved Operator Experience

The See & Spray™ Premium upgrade includes the John Deere G5 Plus display and integrated StarFire™ 7500 receiver, which provides advanced guidance and documentation features. The G5 Plus display’s fast processing speeds allow quicker import and export of guidance files, while the StarFire 7500 receiver offers precise guidance and repeatability.

Increased Yields

With less weed competition and crop stress, John Deere See & Spray™ Premium promotes healthier crop growth, leading to higher yields. This upgrade helps farmers maintain cleaner fields, allowing their crops to thrive.

Improved Cost Efficiency

The ability to target weeds selectively reduces the amount of herbicide used and lowers input costs. This precision leads to better cost efficiency for farmers, making See & Spray™ Premium a valuable investment.

More Profitability

By combining reduced input costs, increased yields, and greater operational efficiency, John Deere See & Spray™ Premium boosts farm profitability. This technology enables farmers to make the most of their investments and maximize their returns.

Precise Weed Management

The See & Spray™ Premium upgrade’s AI-powered cameras scan over 2,100 square feet of crop per second, distinguishing crops from weeds. This precision ensures that herbicides are applied only where needed, providing effective weed control and minimizing damage to crops.

Which John Deere Sprayers Support See & Spray™ Premium?

Before implementing See & Spray Premium, it’s important to understand which John Deere sprayers can support the system. 

MY2018 Sprayers

The John Deere See & Spray™ Premium upgrade is available for model-year 2018 John Deere sprayers and newer, offering these machines advanced precision spraying capabilities.

400 Series Sprayers

The 400 Series sprayers are compatible with See & Spray™ Premium, which allows them to reduce herbicide use and increase efficiency.

600 Series Sprayers

The 600 Series sprayers can also be upgraded with See & Spray™ Premium, making them a powerful tool for farmers looking to optimize their spraying operations.

R-Series Sprayers

R-Series sprayers are eligible for the See & Spray™ Premium upgrade, providing these machines with AI-powered precision spraying technology.

How John Deere See and Spray Premium Differs From Other Precision Upgrades

See & Spray™ Premium is far from the only upgrade available to you — here’s a quick primer on the difference between See & Spray™ Premium, Select, and Ultimate. 

John Deere See and Spray Premium vs. Select

See & Spray™ Premium offers more advanced weed detection and targeting than See & Spray™ Select. Premium’s cameras and AI provide greater precision, effectively reducing herbicide use and enhancing operational efficiency.

John Deere See and Spray Premium vs. Ultimate

See & Spray™ Ultimate offers additional features compared to Premium, including even more advanced weed detection capabilities and automation. However, See & Spray™ Premium remains an effective option for targeted in-crop spraying, balancing precision with cost efficiency.

Maximize Productivity with John Deere See and Spray Premium

The John Deere See & Spray™ Premium upgrade revolutionizes crop management, offering precise weed control, reduced herbicide use, and enhanced profitability. With its advanced camera detection, AI-powered targeting, and compatibility with a range of John Deere sprayers, See & Spray™ Premium is a game-changing innovation for precision agriculture

Farmers and applicators can use this upgrade to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and maximize yields. For those looking to embrace the future of farming, See & Spray™ Premium is an investment that delivers lasting benefits.

Visit your local John Deere dealer today to learn more and explore how this precision upgrade can transform your agricultural operations.

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