John Deere has a long history of building high-quality, innovative products that transform the way construction, agriculture, and forestry are done, and 2023 is certainly no exception. From cutting-edge S700 series combines to groundbreaking Furrow Vision, John Deere released several new products and technologies that are improving productivity and sustainability in farming. Here we showcase just a few of the most exciting John Deere news stories from this past year. 

John Deere News

The Significance of John Deere’s Latest Advancements in the Agricultural Industry

John Deere is committed to driving progress in agriculture. The company’s latest cutting-edge equipment and technologies are helping farmers do more in a given day to get the most out of their limited resources. 

For example, John Deere’s See & Spray performance upgrade employs innovative sensors that use data and machine learning to optimize pesticide application. Moreover, the company is proactively installing hardware for its 8 and 9 series tractors that will allow the vehicles to operate autonomously in the future. 

The impact of John Deere’s innovations is already reverberating throughout the industry, helping its customers improve efficiency while reducing time, money, and waste. As John Deere continues to innovate, its pioneering solutions will only further advance modern agriculture.

News #1: The Latest John Deere S700 Series Combines

The John Deere S700 series combines are trustworthy and dependable. They are available in four distinct models: S760, S770, S780, and S790, so you can choose the one that best suits your harvesting needs. The S series combines are commonly used for harvesting corn, soybeans, and cereal grains.

John Deere has updated the S700 series with a number of new technologies that help farmers harvest more grain with less waste. These include a new threshing and separation system that reduces grain loss, an improved cleaning system that removes more impurities from the grain, and a more comfortable, easier-to-operate cab design. Additionally, all S700 series combines come with the JDLink Modem, which improves connectivity and allows for fast data transfer.

What is HarvestLab 3000 Grain Sensing?

One of the most significant new technologies in the S700 series is HarvestLab 3000 grain sensing. This technology uses a near-infrared sensor to measure the moisture, protein, and other characteristics of the grain during harvesting. By providing farmers with real-time information, HarvestLab 3000 allows them to make adjustments to the combine settings. This supports better harvesting to improve the quality of the grain and reduce the amount of waste.

News #2: The John Deere Series Tractors for 2024

John Deere is updating its 7, 8, and 9 Series Tractors with new technology to help improve their precision, efficiency, and ease of use. The new features will come as standard with the model year 2024 updates and can be an after-market option for older models. These technologies include:

  • G5 Universal Displays provide farmers with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for operating their tractors.
  • JDLink M Modem allows farmers to connect their tractors to the internet, so they can access real-time data and remote diagnostics.
  • StarFire 7000 Universal Receivers provide farmers with precise positioning information, so they can operate their tractors more accurately.

In addition to the new technology, John Deere is also offering an autonomy prep package for the 8 and 9 Series Tractors. This package includes some of the hardware and software that will be necessary to enable autonomous operation in the future, like an implemented ethernet and a 330-amp alternator.

What is the John Deere 7 Series?

The 7R Series Tractors includes eight different models that each have a refined cab, integrated intelligence, and high power density. With a base weight of 24,700 lbs, the 7R 350 delivers 350-rated engine horsepower and 385 max engine horsepower, making it the best power-to-weight ratio of any John Deere large tractor. 

What is the John Deere 8 Series?

The 8 Series Tractors feature precision ag technology and offer improved durability, flexibility, and intelligence. With its’ 2024 upgrades, the John Deere has added several new track spacing options for the 8RX models, which include 132-, 136-, 144-, or 152-inch-wide. Moreover, the wider spacings are compatible with 16.5-, 18-, 24-, and 30-inch track widths and John Deere ExactRate fertilizer tanks.

What is the John Deere 9 Series?

The 9 Series Tractors are the most extensive lines of John Deere tractors, offering more power, ballasting options, and precision to pull heavier, wider implements with ease. The 2024 9RT tractors will provide an additional 20 hp, and models include 9RT 490, 9RT 540, and 9RT 590.

News #3: The John Deere Furrow Vision

John Deere has also announced the new Furrow Vision technology, an after-market performance upgrade for John Deere planters. Furrow Vision gives farmers a real-time direct view of the seed as it’s being dropped in furrows. This information helps to enhance seed planting, improves germination rate, and reduces waste.

What are the Features of John Deere Furrow Vision?

Furrow Vision involves mounting three cameras on each section of a planter row. The system combines the camera view and information from lasers to produce data shown on the display. Users can better understand the quality of the trench, the quality of the furrow, and the depth of the seed. As farmers move through the field, they can pause the video and rewind to evaluate seed-to-soil contact.

News #4: The Five New John Deere 1725C Stack-fold Models

The five new John Deere 1725C stack-fold planters are designed to be more efficient and easier to use than previous models. 

The planters help corn, soybean, cotton, and peanut crops, and are available in a variety of configurations, including 12-row, 30; 12-row, 36/38; 12-row, 38/40; and 16-row, 30. On the other hand, non-CCS models can be equipped with a 1.6-bushel hopper for MaxEmerge 5e row units, a 2.7-bushel hopper for ExactEmerge row units, or a three-bushel hopper for the MaxEmerge 5e. Also, the 1725C CCS model comes with a 55-bushel tank.

What are the Features of the John Deere 1725C Stack-fold Lineup?

The new 1725C stack-fold planters offer several new features and improvements, including:

  • 5e row units for corn, soybeans, cotton, and peanuts
  • Pneumatic row cleaners and closing wheels for consistent seed-to-soil contact
  • Hydraulic downforce on individual rows for precise seed placement
  • A newly designed frame with a convertible hitch, allowing compatibility between tractors fitted with a Cat 3 or 4N hitch
  • Electric drives for individual row control. Electric-drive planters effectively reduce maintenance requirements, as they do not have wear parts like chains or sprockets.

What are the Optional Features of the John Deere 1725C Stack-fold?

One of the most exciting new features is the ExactRate fertilizer system, which is an attachment to any 1725C planter. The ExactRate system fertilizes new crops at twice the speed previously possible, providing up to 20% more accurate nutrient placement per turn compared to a non-turn compensating system. It also has the capacity to carry 1,600 gallons of fertilizer, which reduces the number of trips needed to refill fertilizer tanks.

News #5: The John Deere See & Spray Upgrade Kit

The final piece of John Deere 2023 news we’ll highlight is the See & Spray. The See & Spray is a performance upgrade kit for John Deere’s line of self-propelled sprayers. The system uses advanced technology to target weeds with non-residual herbicides in corn, cotton, soybean, and fallow fields. The See & Spray kit helps farmers improve the accuracy of spraying to reduce their herbicide usage by up to 77%. This helps to save time and money while improving crop yields and reducing the environmental impact of drift.

What are the Latest Features of the John Deere See & Spray Upgrade Kit?

The See & Spray kit uses a vision system that is mounted on the spray boom. Using machine learning, the system is able to differentiate weeds from crops based on multiple images captured by the cameras. Once it detects a weed, a command is sent to the nozzle to spray it. The kit also generates a weed pressure map that shows exactly the application of herbicide in the field. 

The performance kit uses a single tank system and is not dual-product capable. The kits are available for select John Deere model year 2018 and newer 400- and 600-Series sprayers, as well as R-Series models. For compatibility with the Premium upgrade kit, sprayers need to have a factory-installed ExactApply system, or ExactApply Performance Upgrade kit with 15- or 20-inch spacing and a 120-foot steel boom.

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Where Can I Find the Latest John Deere Machines? 

The latest John Deere machines are available at your local John Deere dealer, who can help you to choose the right farm equipment for your needs and budget. To find your nearest dealer, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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