Any agricultural producer will tell you that it is critical to make the most of every pass out in the field. For this reason, John Deere is focused on providing the most efficient equipment and technology to farmers who need it most. See & Spray is one example of a Deere asset that any agricultural producer can benefit from on a regular basis.

John Deere began offering See & Spray when it acquired Blue River Technology in 2017, and it has continued to expand upon its features ever since to make it an even more robust product. See & Spray uses computer vision and machine learning to ensure that users are precisely spraying their herbicides where weeds are located. See & Spray Select helps farmers reduce their nonresidual herbicide usage, ultimately benefiting their bottom line. Similarly, See & Spray Ultimate offers targeted spraying for fields planted with corn, cotton, and soybeans.

What are the Benefits of Field Sprayers?

There are several benefits to using field sprayers, many of which save agricultural producers both time and money in the long run. Today, farmers are under more pressure than ever to improve yields to meet high demand. With a sprayer, they can alleviate some of this pressure by ensuring that their crops are given the best possible care, which can boost production.

Products, such as See & Spray, also help farmers cope with labor voids by helping them do more with fewer hands. This means that they can shift their focus more to objectives, such as accuracy, while working out in the field.

What are the Different Kinds of John Deere See & Spray?

John Deere offers the See & Spray Select and See & Spray Ultimate, both of which have several benefits for agricultural producers. However, it’s important to take a look at their differences to decide which is best for the task at hand.

Both the See & Spray Select and See & Spray Ultimate are made for fallow use. However, only the See & Spray Ultimate is designed for in-season use. On a similar note, the See & Spray Select has a single tank, while the See & Spray Ultimate has a dual product solution system/split tank. Both products can broadcast from a single tank, which makes them one of the more efficient systems on the market.

John Deere See & Spray Ultimate

The See & Spray Ultimate has several features that make it a must-have for many agricultural producers who are interested in utilizing today’s best technology. It uses computer vision and machine learning to target weeds during the season that may plague corn, soybean, and cotton. Best of all, it has a dual-tank configuration that allows users to opt for more advanced tank mixes.

At the end of the day, See & Spray Ultimate helps farmers reduce their herbicide use, ultimately benefiting their bottom line. The dual tank configuration also reduces herbicide resistance in the long run, and they have a 1,000-gallon total capacity or 1,200-gallon option. With ExactApply nozzle control technology, operators can reduce potential drift as they work out in the field. Targeted Spraying also ensures that users are only applying what they need. Boom control is a problem of the past with See & Spray Ultimate, which has BoomTrac Ultimate to help users keep the tip of the boom within 10 inches of the target at boom height 95% of the time.

John Deere See & Spray Select

See & Spray Select is the perfect agricultural asset for farmers who are working on fallow ground and want to ensure that they are broadcasting with precision. On average, users save 77% on herbicides by utilizing this technology from Deere. The single tank system provides data insights while utilizing computer vision for more precise spraying. In the end, farmers can be sure that they’re only applying what they need to help maintain their bottom line.

As-Applied Maps can give users more visibility into their herbicide usage, and the data can be easily viewed within the John Deere Operations Center. Small cameras that are integrated into the boom continuously scan the field while in operation. Afterward, they send this data to the sprayer’s vision processing unit. The processors are designed to detect the color green, which helps ensure that they are only applying non-residual herbicide on weeds.

The sprayer can be switched from Targeted Spraying to Broadcast Spraying at the push of a button. This allows users to activate specific nozzles once weeds have been identified. In the end, they can be sure that they are not harming their valuable crops while attacking the problem.

Which John Deere See & Spray Offering is Best for Your Field?

There are a couple of factors to consider when deciding on whether See & Spray Ultimate or See & Spray Select is best for your specific needs. While both systems can be beneficial for fallow use, See & Spray Ultimate is more ideal for in-season use. Its dual product solution system is also best for agricultural producers who are specifically concerned about reducing herbicide resistance.

Both the See & Spray Ultimate and See & Spray Select have the ability to broadcast from a single tank. However, the See & Spray Select only makes use of a single tank at all times. Its color-detecting system identifies green plant material to determine where to spray. When necessary, it can revert to broadcast spraying for specific weeds.

See & Spray Ultimate is ideal for use among corn, soybean, and cotton plants. With its cameras, processors, and carbon-fiber truss-structure boom, it has the latest technology to provide more targeted herbicide application. ExactApply nozzle control technology helps operators reduce drift while working, and when necessary, See & Spray Ultimate can also be utilized for traditional broadcast spraying as well. All mapping data can be accessed in the John Deere Operations Center to make more informed spraying decisions.

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