To provide a more consistent user experience and offer new mobile features, Deere has updated the John Deere Operations Center. Work Planner now allows farmers to streamline their tasks, while MyOperations™ – the new name for the mobile version of the Operations Center – gives producers the option to manage their fleet remotely.

“We know farmers are always on the move, which makes the mobile app version of Operations Center more important than ever,” said Jennifer Badding, go-to-market manager – digital technology, with John Deere. “That’s why John Deere has made improvements to both versions, web and mobile, to make them look and function in a similar manner, so farmers have clear and easy access to their data from any device.”

Let’s take a look at some of the updates that Deere has made to the John Deere Operations Center, as well as how they can potentially help you out in the field.

Farm Efficiency

Farm management has never been easier with Operations Center, which acts as an online management system that gives producers the opportunity to access data at any time. The tools in the Operations Center enable producers to analyze, edit, and make collaborative decisions to achieve higher yields while reducing input costs.

Software Compatibility

As of February 2020, Operations Center users can establish data-sharing connections with a slew of software applications, including AgConnections, DelAir, and FarmLogs, among others. With these connections in place, producers can make more accurate and timely decisions.

Cost Reduction

The John Deere Operations Center makes it easy to share machine and agronomic data in a customizable fashion. Growers also have the chance to establish a sharing relationship with employees, thereby streamlining the data sharing process.

Time Management

To eliminate the chaos and inefficiency that can sometimes come with farming, the Operations Center allows producers to coordinate work, monitor progress, and ensure that every job gets done right. The John Deere Operations Center is also cloud-based, meaning collaboration is a breeze, and there is no need for data transferring with USB sticks.

High Yields

A visual map allows producers to visually map, compare, and analyze the various factors impacting their yield. Further, editing tools give users the chance to both automatically and manually adjust documented data to eliminate errors that could be made in the cab.

If you have any questions about the John Deere Operations Center, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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