As most agricultural producers will tell you, it’s essential to begin the spraying process as soon as soil conditions improve. While some might find difficulty doing so in early spring, John Deere Hagie™ STS Sprayers can give farmers the opportunity they need to get ahead. These sprayers include features, such as high clearance and hybrid booms, that allow for the application of solutions as soon as the weather improves.

The John Deere Hagie STS20 Self-Propelled Sprayer

What are the Three Hagie STS Sprayers and Their Difference?

John Deere offers three Hagie STS sprayers: the Hagie™ STS12 Sprayer, Hagie™ STS16 Sprayer, and Hagie™ STS20 Sprayer. Each of these models has large tanks, long booms, and enough engine power to help you work on even the toughest terrain. However, there are differences between each of these models that you’ll want to keep in mind as you explore your options. Each self-propelled sprayer has features that can benefit your field operations, but one machine may be better suited than others, depending on your specific needs.

Hagie™ STS12 Sprayer

The Hagie™ STS12 Self-Propelled Sprayer features a 1,200-gallon tank, which is designed to reduce the need to frequently stop and refill, increasing productivity during the workday. Its boom also extends up to 132 feet in length, and its 9.0-liter engine can reach a maximum of 300 horsepower. With a transport speed of up to 35 miles per hour, the sprayer is also easy to maneuver out in the field.

Hagie™ STS16 Sprayer

Similar to the STS12, the Hagie™ STS16 Self-Propelled Sprayer has a 132-foot boom and a transport speed of 35 miles per hour. However, its tank can hold 1,600 gallons of solution, giving operators more time to work without needing to stop to refill. Its 9.0-liter engine also offers a maximum of 400 horsepower to help you accomplish your tasks on even the most challenging terrain.

Hagie™ STS20 Sprayer

With a 2,000-gallon tank, the Hagie™ STS20 Self-Propelled Sprayer can benefit agricultural producers with large fields who are looking to boost efficiency. Its 132-foot boom and 400 horsepower engine can give operators what they need to streamline production, protect their yield, and cross more tasks off of their to-do list on the average workday.

What Can the Hagie™ STS Sprayers Do?

The Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers give operators the power to cover more acreage in a short amount of time. With their long booms, ample horsepower, and high-capacity tanks, operators can worry less about issues like adequate coverage and focus on the task at hand.

Precise On-target Spray Rate

The Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers feature PowrSpray™, the solution control system designed with accuracy in mind. With this system, operators can ensure that every acre they cross is adequately covered. Predictive pump control makes it easier to maintain target rates amidst changing conditions. Customers can also add ExactApply™ if they want individual nozzle control.

Wide Acreage Coverage

The Hagie™ hybrid sprayer boom is lightweight but durable, composed of aluminum and steel. The spray tips and nozzle bodies are also positioned within the boom itself for maximum protection. Customers can choose from a range of widths and nozzle spacings to suit their specific needs.

Increased Traction and Programmable Speeds

With the CommandDrive™ drive system, Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers have an infinite range of field speeds to choose from, all of which can be easily selected as needed by the operator. CommandDrive™ also provides operators with real-time traction control, which is essential on challenging terrain. The system constantly works to automatically adjust the machine to match the set target speed.

What Are the Important Features of the Hagie™ STS Sprayers?

The Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers from John Deere have a wide array of important features, each of which helps streamline agricultural operations, regardless of the conditions. Whether productivity, efficiency, or accuracy is a priority for customers, these sprayers can meet all of the demands of operators.

High Clearance, All-Wheel Steer (AWS), and Balanced Machine Weight

Each Hagie™ STS Sprayer comes standard with All-Wheel Steer (AWS), which ensures that the rear tires always follow the front tires — only two tracks are left behind while turning. The machine also glides over crops with 74 inches of underframe clearance for minimal crop disturbance.

PowrSpray™ Solution Control System

The PowrSpray™ solution control system on Hagie™ STS Sprayers provides the ultimate precision while covering crops. Predictive pump control works to achieve target rates quicker, regardless of field conditions. Operators also benefit from the electronic solution tank level indicator, which lets them know when it’s time to refill.

Hagie™ Hybrid Front Boom

The Hagie™ hybrid front boom is composed of both steel and aluminum, meaning it’s lightweight but designed to stand the test of time. It also features a spring-applied outer breakaway, and it has application heights ranging from 23 inches to 110 inches.

CommandDrive™ System

With CommandDrive™, the Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers from John Deere are designed to maintain traction on tough terrain. The system continuously monitors for slippage, and operators can program desired speed ranges. A hydrostatic drive pump provides flow to four variable displacement wheel motors while the machine is in operation.

StarFire™ 7000 Integrated Receiver

With the StarFire™ 7000 Receiver, operators no longer have to worry about setup, installation, or calibrations — they’re all done at the factory. The receiver itself provides more accuracy, season-to-season repeatability, and faster pull-in times. This means that operators don’t have to be concerned with their guidance lines or boundaries shifting each year.

What Are the Key Specs of the Hagie™ STS Sprayers?

The Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers from John Deere have several key specs that customers will want to familiarize themselves with before making a final purchase decision. These features can meet specific needs that agricultural producers may have.

Up to 132-foot (40.23 m) Boom

The steel-aluminum boom can reach up to 132 feet, and its maximum ground height is 107 inches. Operators can choose between seven boom sections or nine boom sections to cater to their needs out in the field.

300 hp, 9.0 L Engine

The Final Tier 4 engine included in the Hagie™ STS Sprayers maxes out at 300 horsepower and includes six cylinders.

35 mph (56.3 km/h) Transport Speed

With a transport speed of up to 35 miles per hour, operators never have to worry about being slowed down while crossing large fields.

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Commonly-Asked Questions About the Hagie™ STS Sprayers

Many customers have questions about John Deere’s Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers, as they come with several features. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Much Clearance Does a Hagie Sprayer Have?

Hagie™ STS Sprayers have up to 74 inches of underframe clearance to minimize the impact on crops while crossing the field.

Are Hagie™ Sprayers Made by John Deere?

John Deere acquired full ownership of Hagie™ back in 2020 and now supports its equipment, including the Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers.

How Many Acres Can Hagie™ STS Sprayers Cover?

Hagie™ STS Sprayers can cover an extensive area in a short amount of time. On the largest model, the hybrid front boom can extend out 132 feet, giving operators the opportunity to cover several acres in one workday.

Final Thoughts About the Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers

The Hagie™ Self-Propelled Sprayers from John Deere are ideal for operators who desire accuracy while spraying, as well as more efficiency. With features such as the steel-aluminum boom and CommandDrive™, those who opt for this machine can dramatically increase their productivity while reducing operator fatigue. Best of all, the Hagie™ Self-Propelled Sprayers can meet the demands of difficult terrain.

If you have any questions about the Hagie™ STS Self-Propelled Sprayers or any of the other self-propelled sprayers John Deere has to offer, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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