With springtime approaching, it’s never too early to start thinking about ways to protect your property and ensure it turns into a healthy and green area.

Weed Control

As most property owners know, this is typically easier said than done, mainly because weeds can sprout with very little warning. However, just because weeds are popping up, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Weed control is attainable with a little hard work.

Why Is Weed Control Important?

Weed control best practices are a must for those that have a pasture for livestock to graze, or property owners that have a large amount of acreage where they want to have healthy vegetation. Weeds overtaking the pasture or acreage will result in lower quality hay or grazing vegetation.

How Can I Control Weeds?

Mowing and spraying are two of the most basic and effective ways to control weeds that are already present. Here are some weed control tips (for each) to keep your pasture or property healthy throughout the year.

Periodic mowing of the pasture is a good choice if you are able to cut weeds after they’ve grown above the height of the grass in the field (but before they’ve filled out with seeds). This helps to control the spread of the weeds.

  • A rotary cutter is a great tool to use for this process. Cutting the weeds before the seeds spread will reduce their ability to grow and survive. Keep in mind, if you’re property is primarily used for livestock grazing, you will likely want the desirable vegetation to grow more than four inches tall. In this instance, rotary cutting may not be the best long-term solution.

Those that are looking for a longer-term weed control solution (without regular cutting) should consider finding the best herbicide to spray their pasture with.

  • When this decision is made, you will have to the select a sprayer that matches your needs. When choosing a sprayer and solution, be sure to first evaluate the types of weeds that are present on your property. Contact your local county extension office if you are unsure of the weeds you want to control.

For more information about weed control, watch the below video or visit the John Deere Tips Notebook website.

If you have questions about choosing the best equipment to control weeds on your property, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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